Holistic Treatment for Addictive Behavior

By: Life Insight Centre  03-09-2012
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Life Insight Centre, the Holistic Approach to Treatment of Addiction.

Our mission:

We aim to heal people thrown away by society, family, friends and even themselves, left forever recovering and not healing due to the notion that addiction is a disease that cannot be cured. We aim to guide people through this process and to help them claim their rightful place back into society and be who they are meant to be. Through this guidance we create a free and conducive world for our children to be born into. We make the difference, SIMPLE.

The duration of the program is two weeks.

The first three days are dedicated to detoxing and getting the physical body back into a healthy condition, preparing it for the mental and spiritual process to take place. Suffice it to say that only natural foods and products are used to aid in the detoxing process, the rest is guarded as a trade secret for now.

Our Clients will receive a physical check-up, by a qualified medical practitioner, upon booking in. No counselling will take place in the first three days of such client’s stay at the retreat.

Clients will be accommodated in well-equipped rooms that are serviced on a daily basis. Two persons share a room with a bathroom-en-suite which will be their accommodation for the duration of their treatment.

Three meals are provided daily and served in a dining area away from the accommodation.

On day’s four to seven, clients attend a workshop that focusses on the mental and spiritual areas of their treatment. This workshop is not based on any religion or belief group and is therefore non-denominational. In this way Life Insight Centre is able to serve every person in need of the treatment. The clients have the opportunity to deal with all the aspects of his or her life and are also enabled in finding out why they are addicted and empowered in their healing process going forward. There are no accidents in life, so to know the cause of an event or action is to know the healing.

The specific in house treatments offered by Life Insight Center include the following;

The 5 rites exercise: this takes place every morning, which helps the body’s vortex to speed up again and aids in the recovery of the body at a faster pace. The movability of the body increases and the circulation increases throughout the body. This allows for the nutrients of a correct diet to reach all the necessary parts of the body, for the immune system to function at full capacity.

Acupuncture:  this is a procedure which involves inserting and manipulating needles into different points on the human body to relieve pain for therapeutic reasons. The practice of acupuncture finds its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, which involves treating the body as a whole and to reinstate the balance of the yin and yang. The yang is the vital energy of the body and the yin is the blood component and if any of these factors are out of balance or blocked, a person is not going to be healthy. Restoring the balance and treating the addiction as a whole, allows a person to get back to full health and have the quality of life so much desired.

Reflexology: an alternative medicine practice which involves a practitioner placing their hands on zones or pressure points on the hands and feet of a client, and applying specific finger, hand and thumb techniques. The goal of this therapy is to reflect an image of the human body on the feet and hands with the intent of healing and changing. Reflexology is performed to unblock the life force or “chi,” and can relieve stress and pain, increases circulation and improves health and well-being.

Biofeedback:  the process involves a person becoming aware of different physiological functions using an instrument which provides information on the activity of each system, and the goal is to control and manipulate these areas at will. Body functions which can be controlled through biofeedback include brainwaves, skin conductance, pain perception, muscle tone and heart rate. It is thought biofeedback improves health and performance of the body and can influence thoughts, behaviour and emotion.

Massage Therapy:  a practice which involves the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue in order to improve function and induce relaxation and produces an overall increased sense of well-being. Target tissues can include the tendons, muscles, ligaments, skin, joints, connective tissues, and organs of the gastrointestinal system.

Sauna: a room which is designed as a place to mimic dry and wet heat sessions and a conventional sauna uses warmed air and an infrared sauna which uses warm objects. Saunas are good for relieving chronic pain, rheumatic discomfort, appetite loss and mild depression. People that use a sauna can experience a reduction in stress, reduced levels of toxins in the body and decreased levels of the prostaglandin F2alpha and protection for the body against oxidative stress.

Healthy Meals: The dietary department of Life Insight Center knows that many former addicts and alcoholics suffer from nutritional deficiencies and have special health needs, Our Dietician will design a plan with foods that are packed with needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients which will help our clients get physically healthy while going through rehabilitation. We have employed a Registered Dietician on staff who meets with our clients and devises a complete diet and nutritional plan, which is part of what makes our program so fundamentally different from others.

Holistic Nutrition:  Holistic medicine is a form of medical practice which attempts to treat the individual as a whole. In holistic nutrition, the most basic balance of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients are balanced which helps the body perform at peak levels and improves both physical and emotional health. The right foods allow the human body to be in balance and natural foods are important to a person being able to heal and recover from substance abuse.

Open floating chamber: Flotation therapy is therapy that is undertaken by floating in warm salt water. People using early float tanks discovered that they enjoyed the experience and that the relaxed state was also a healing state for many conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, swelling, insomnia and jet lag. Most float tanks use Epsom salt, magnesium sulphate, in high concentration. The density assists floating particularly making the head buoyant so that the nose and mouth are well out of the water for breathing.

It has recently been discovered that there is a secondary effect which is important to flotation therapy. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin due to natural molecular diffusion. This tends to correct a common deficiency. Magnesium is absorbed from the diet but in many areas of the world, over-cropping without adequate replacement of magnesium makes the normal diet low in magnesium.

The body naturally optimises the levels of magnesium, so there is no overload effect from floating in the salts for extended periods.

It is to be noted that there is no "flotation therapist", although there is a need to instruct the floater and need to maintain the equipment in a safe condition. However, flotation therapy is compatible with other therapies as a preparation or conjunct activity. Relaxing in a weightless state in the silent warmth of a flotation tank activates the body's own system for recuperation and healing. What researchers find particularly gratifying is that the positive effects were still in evidence 4 months after the floating treatment ended.

We offer access to a gym in order to meet the physical fitness and health needs of our clientele in rehabilitation. Part of recovery is getting healthy and incorporating regular exercise into daily life promotes weight loss, fitness, improves circulation, induces relaxation, produces natural endorphins and increases overall well-being which is highly beneficial to our clients.

The remaining seven days are spent meditating, having massages, asking questions, going to the beach and assisting with the workshop games. People also have the opportunity to help out in the herb or vegetable garden. The facility also runs an animal healing program and participant are encouraged to become actively involved in the program.

None of the activities during the last seven days are compulsory. It does, however, aid tremendously in the healing process. Free after-care assistance is provided for a period of 12 months for every participant that completed the two week program.

Our vision:

We strive to work towards a common goal in the treatment of addiction without the aid of medication, giving people back their self-worth. It is our aim to see all rehabilitation clinics and centres adopt the same approach, putting people back into society where they can make a difference. We see people not going back for treatment repeatedly; have fundamental principles that are of high moral standards; self-love and respect. We envisage a free people without the influence of a culture handed down by society; a thought that there is a possibility of another way.

We see a balanced humanity serving each other wholeheartedly.

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