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Deep Insight Workshop from AfullCircle

By: AfullCircle  07-31-2009
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Through may experience with abuse and addiction, I have come to my own truth.

We are all addicts and abusers of some sort.

I have written workshops to guide other people to make a profound shift in their lives too.

There are two workshops to choose from, namely;

1.      The Agreements workshop.

2.      FullCircle Deep Insight workshop.

FullCircle Deep Insight

Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon.

Truth is incontrovertible.

Panic may resent it.

Ignorance may deride it.

Malice may distort it.

And there it is…..

Deeper insight, with the agreements as the basis of the workshop.

Life is full of choices

The Life Insight Centre Workshops are an experiential encounter, specially designed and tailored to enhance your quality of life in all its spheres. Its essence is embedded in transformation and the inherent knowing that human beings are capable of shifting and recreating the lives they lead. The remarkable possibility of radically re-aligning one’s way of being in the world opens the door to embarking upon the path of one’s highest aspirations and life-dreams. This all by the agreements people make with themselves and with others.

With the range of facets addressed being all those that form an integral part of the human experience and thus imbue it with meaning – from birth to death, and everything in between – the workshops serve as an ineffably powerful means of raising one’s level of consciousness. In discovering the uniqueness of who we are as human beings and experiencing the significance of our place in the cosmos, our being stewards of this beautiful planet earth, which we call home, takes on wholly new dimensions.


Reach your Potential
- at work, as a parent, in your relationship

Deepen your Relationships
- with your family, friends and colleagues

Give up your Bad Habits
- stop unwanted behaviour

Communicate Effectively
- ensure teachers, friends, family and colleagues to hear and understand what you are saying

Transform your Life
- be the person you want to be


Our workshops are concentrated hours of human technology, a tool you can use to move from where you are in life to where you want to be. It is about effective action allowing you to create a breakthrough in your personal and professional life. It is about discovering your purpose in life and taking a stand on your vision. As such, our workshops are designed for those who want to make a difference in their lives.


The human being would like to develop, to grow, to make a difference and to know that there is a difference and to know that there is a real meaning to his/her existence.
At the same time, because of the need to survive, there is continuous effort to make it in the world and as such to adapt, to be accepted and to conform.

The result is that human beings have lost contact with who they really are and with their purpose in life.

Therefore, transformation is about discovering who we are and what we came to the world for. It is about taking a stand, in action on our own purpose so that it will have an impact on our daily being in the world.

Investment  R3000.00.

For more information on workshop dates, please contact head Coach Andre Brink.

:       072 299 5756



Skype:                    afullcircle


This workshop’s duration is:

·        Thursday evening 18h00 until completion,

·        Friday evening from 18h00 until completion.

·        08h30 Saturday until completion.

·        8h30 Sunday until completion.

I look forward seeing you making yourself available in your own life. Come and enlighten yourself.

Bio of Andre Brink.

Andre Brink is our head facilitator and motivational speaker. Andre studies at the Metaphysics University of America and the , where he has acquired his Masters degree in life coaching. He is currently doing his PHD thesis on manifestation by doing addiction research. He is an internationally accredited Minister of Metaphysics, non-denominational.  Andre has assisted many people in the last five years to make profound shifts in their lives. He volunteered at SANCA Florida where he worked with the in-patients, doing group sessions based on the wellness workshop. This has proven to be a very successful and popular form of therapy for the patients. The wellness workshop “FullCircle” was written and compiled by Rev. Andre Brink and implemented at S.A.N.C.A. Florida with profound results.


I attended the Mine Your Soul (now FullCircle) 5-day workshop about 2 years ago, at a time when I needed it most. I was a recovering drug addict that had just completed a 3-week inpatient programme, at SANCA. That is where I met Andre & his family.

I would recommend anyone to attend Mine Your Soul (FullCircle Workshop). Yes, it is hectic & intense but after a grueling 5 days, you realize every second (and tear!) was worth it. Thanks Andre & your wonderful team for giving me a solid foundation to work from as well as tools to deal with everything & anything life gives me. It is not a quick fix, but an ongoing process that I cannot describe or explain, every person will experience and gain from it in a different way. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to realize I am FABULOUS & EVERYTHING!!!!!

Suzanne Swart


Ek het geleer om myself te vertrou,om van myself 'n beter persoon te maak en 'n sukses van my lewe te maak,om die beste ma,suster en dogter te wees. Dat mense my moet aanvaar vir wie en wat ek is. Dat ek nie hoeg bang te wees om 'n ding aan te pak nie,om myself lief te he en al die mense rond om my. nie 'n mislukking te wees vir myself en ander nie en dat ek 'n beter persoon anderkant uit sal kom. Dat ek myself vergewe vir wat ek in die verlede verkeerd gedoen het,en ek mag nie op gee op myself nie. EK IS NIE 'n FAILURE NIE.

I must live my life to the FULLEST!! To take responsibility for my life, actions and stop being scared. Not to look at the outer self of me but the inner also. To have a relationship with someone special. To have someone that will love me for whom and what i am. Stop being angry at the world because the world owes me nothing. That I must leave the past in the past, focus on the future. I am strong enough just to be myself, believe in myself, trust in myself.

Thank you for this great opportunity. My life has never been he same.

Carmen Guntenhoner

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