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By: Pulse  11-11-2011

Greening your house does not need to be expensive or difficult. All that is required is a new awareness of where the products come from, and what they are made of. Here are a few very basic tips to consider:


Try as far as possible to buy local. The fact that products do not have to be transported over long distances reduces its carbon footprint. It also creates local jobs, and supports the burgeoning local design industry.


Always be on the lookout for natural materials, preferably organic. Bamboo flooring is a good alternative to exotic hard woods, which may not come from sustainable sources, and has a larger carbon footprint. In our Travel & Décor space, PULSE only used a local, organic paint for the walls and floors. In sourcing fabrics/linens, look for organic natural fabrics, or consider green alternatives to cotton like hemp or bamboo fabric.


Consider re-using existing furniture pieces by painting it a vibrant colour, and re- upholstering it.

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Shop Design - Pulse - South Africa

The cabinets were topped with table tops, and could therefore be used as workspace and for exibiting floral arrangements. This is best done through an holistic approach, from the design of the business premises itself, down to the stationary. Without an appropriate and unique corporate identity, the success of any public enterprise is unduly compromised.


Murals - Pulse - South Africa

These are full colour paintings that trick you into believing that you are looking out at a peaceful pastoral scene, or that the room that you are in has no ceiling, but a canopy of stars. Pulse utilises highly skilled muralists to execute various types of murals:Tromp l’oeil means “trick of the eye” in French. The tradition of decorative paintings on wall go back centuries, to the age when walls were in fact cave rock faces.


Soft Furnishings - Pulse - South Africa

Soft furnishing refers to the use of fabric in various applications for the home: scatter cushions, curtains, drapes, bed spreads, upholstery, slip covers, throws, rugs etc. Let PULSE assist you with all aspects of soft furnishing: selection of fabric and rugs, upholstery, and the manufacture of cushions etc. The use of soft furnishing adds character and mood to a room, adding that personal touch to existing decor.


Paint Effects - Pulse - South Africa

Achieving perpetual, extraordinary results and recognition, the Studio Division of PULSE specializes in superior high quality and sophisticated wall, floor, and furniture finishes and décor creating an unmistakable PULSE atmosphere of warmth and style to homes, apartments and corporate worlds around the country and abroad.