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By: LaGai Hospitality Management and Development Services  08-19-2011
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The primary focus of LaGai paid membership loyalty programs is to provide reoccurring food, beverage, conference facilities and rooms revenue for OUR Hospitality members and partners. We also target the local SMME and professional markets that frequent guest programmes do not penetrate.

The LaGai model is trustworthy and it consists of a well balanced program of value benefits for members, periodic member activities and promotions, member marketing throughout the membership period and direct sales program unmatched in the industry.

Programme development

We will work with you and design an attractive, customised guest benefit programme that is specifically tailored to meet your short – and long-term profit and revenue objectives.

You just provide your guests with preferred rates on any highly quality facilities and service your hospitality entity offer, for example:

  • Accommodations
  • Food and beverages
  • Conference facilities
  • Venue/entertainment
  • Any other unique facilities you have.


We work with you to develop and produce the elements of your customised loyalty program so that it best meets the needs of your hotel.

These elements include:

  • Membership benefits that address your specific challenges
  • Programme brochure and membership Card
  • Custom web page within the LaGai guest benefit programme site and our main site
  • E-mail campaign with direction on effective messaging
  • Direct mail marketing collateral


Paid membership Loyality program

Customised program materials are rushed to your new guests allowing you to reap immediate benefits as  LaGai client.

The membership Enrolment package will include:

  • Personalised membership card
  • Membership Brochure, including comprehensive agreement, based on our quality assurance assessment and your growth strategy.
  • Certificates reflecting your customised program benefits


Retention Marketing

Acquiring members is just the first step in the powerful relationship LaGai develops on behalf of our Hospitality members and partners.

We know that retaining members depends on repetitive card usage and demonstrating the value of our programs.

We use a systematic and dependable communication strategy that keeps us connected with our members through out the lifetime of their membership: some examples of LaGai strategic tactical marketing tools include:

  • Welcome e-mail
  • Early activation certificates
  • Quarterly e-newsletters
  • Birthday e-mails
  • Promotional E-mails
  • Special Offer E-mails
  • Guest Surveys (if you participate in our reservation facility)
  • Anniversary E-mails
  • Renewal E-mails


Our success is demonstrated by industry-leading retention-rate, I am sure you don’t want your sales to dramatically drop after the 2010 World Cup in Africa. Depending on the market, 60-80 percent of our members choose to renew with us annually.

We stay in touch with ALL guests through a high-tech, high-touch approach that has consistently delivered the revenue and profits our hospitality partners are striving to achieve.

In addition, staying in touch is made easier – and more profitable – for your with LaGai Customer Relationship Management program, LaGaiCentral CRM

Designed by Hospitality specialists for Hospitality entities,  LaGai Central CRM is simple to use, yet high-powered software program that links guest usage and customer data directly with reporting systems and campaign management tools.


LaGai Human resources policy is to attract and retain the best in the hospitality and related industries. Our policy is ZERO tolerance on deviation of approved scripts or misrepresentation.

On site partner training

On property, LaGai trains all levels of staff and provide detailed Hospitality training Manual.

Training covers the entire program from why the program is introduces, what are the expectations of the program, how will it operate, hoe to treat the guests, the value strong and positive guest recognition, how to provide a pleasant environment got guests and defining specific benefits of the program.

Is essential that the program is viewed as a living and breathing part of the hospitality entity and its operation and not as a discount card which is sold by a third party. The culture surrounding the program and the way that members are treated has a large impact on the renewal ratio.

Every employee is given the program overview, every employee who is in contact with guest is extensively trained, every cashier and I T staff who will be user of the tracking system and data collection.

Once we have established we have established a marketing program, we work hard to bring you loyal guests and to continuously build our partner relationships. We believe that effective and efficient after sales service and support are essential to the renewal process and the development of database of loyal members.

LaGai employs a team of specialists to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the high customer service expectations that exist within the hospitality industry.

As you can see, LaGai is your partner in every step of the way.

Keywords: Internet Advertising

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