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By: Labournet  11-11-2011
Keywords: Payroll

LabourNet Payroll Solutions (LPS), partnered by Psiber, brings you PsiberWORKS, a Payroll and HR management solution that is both powerful, yet an affordable alternative application to the traditional off the shelf solution, which harnesses the power of the Internet. LPS currently processes in excess of 100 000 pay-slips per month, on behalf of clients across a broad range of industries.


The HRM & Staff module is completely integrated with Payroll to eliminate the repetitive capturing of information. The HR capabilities stretch from the safe storage of basic HR related information to sophisticated HR management functions like job description and performance management. Another valuable function is the Employee Self Service (ESS) where employees are given limited access to the system to perform functions like on-line leave application and change of banking details. The following graphic depicts the functional overview of this integrated system:

  • Time and attendance
  • Mass and global updates
  • Overtime and leave payment
  • Various tax calculation methods
  • Processing of the Payroll
  • EFT facility
  • Standard and flexible reports
  • Interfaces to third parties
  • Leave management
  • IRP5’s and IT3(a)’s and tax year end
  • Security and permission control
  • Real Time (no batch) processing
  • Flexible and adaptable setup options
  • Pension fund and deductions
  • Bonuses
  • Profiles (templates) and calculations
  • Employee details
  • Employee CTC package
  • Loans and garnishees
  • Savings and provisions
  • Shift and hourly worker payments
  • Documents
  • Calculations
  • Logs

  • Package modeling
  • Salary structuring tool
  • HR Administration integrates
    to PSIberPAY
  • All statutory &
    labour requirements
  • Dismissals
  • Appointments
  • Take-on & exit checklists
  • Disciplinary & grievance history
  • Individual training needs/reminders and courses attended including skills acquired, NQF statistics etc.
  • Basic performance results, measurement and monitoring
  • Medical info including examinations, accidents, allergies, etc.
  • Job/work history and career advancement schedules/plans
  • Professional affilliations such as unions, institutions, etc.
HRM MODULEIntegrated Modular Design
  • Position Management
    & Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment Management
    & Training Management
  • Performance Management
    & Personnel Management
  • Career and succession planning
ESS MODULEEmployee self service module external to
Payroll and HR area
  • Printing of payslips by employee/manager
  • View or update personal information
  • Apply for leave on line
  • Predefined workflows and package structuring can be customised

The software application is offered in various solution packages ranging from pure software usage to a full outsourced solution where we allocate a dedicated Payroll Administrator to run your payroll for you.

LPS provides flexible payroll solutions which may be deployed in a variety of ways, depending on the client’s needs. These solutions include:

Peace of mind is further guaranteed by the “banking standard” hosting environment which provides proven security, scalability and disaster recovery solutions that suit the needs of a diverse range of companies, from government institutions to major corporate concerns.

Integration is achieved with almost any internal system through state of the art programming, managed and delivered by the LPS implementation staff. General ledger, time keeping, electronic fund transfers and sundry data flow are all professionally managed, designed and tailored to meet clients’ needs.

  • Flexibility: Standard rules & user defined formulas
  • Reporting: Over 350 standard reports. Modified and saved to specific user profiles. All data can be exported in various formats. Powerful Report Wizard
  • Data Imports: Every screen has an import facility. Data imported from virtually anywhere. Similarly any data can be exported to most third party product screen concepts and functions - All screens have the ability to add documents, scanned images, policies, documents etc. at screen or employee level
  • System Auditing: Monitored by a powerful auditing facility. Data changes logged & detail reporting thereof
  • Integration: All modules totally integrated with one source of data. Data updated / viewed from any module, with appropriate access levels
  • Third party interfacing: Standard interfaces to all popular import layouts required by EFT and admin service providers. Standard feature to create and consolidate financial data for importing into General Ledger systems. Data extracted in various ways to allow for virtually any other third party interface
  • End to end Human Capital service offering
  • Consistent legal compliance
  • Best practices and operation with a shared service model
  • Instant support because of the web based application / Anywhere and at anytime!
  • SA developed, owned and supported
  • Cost effective / OPEX and volume based pricing
  • Specialisation and transfer of knowledge
  • Adaption to changing business needs
  • Outsourced or in-house system
  • Seamless transition
  • Strategic business partner in business process management (BPM)
  • Solutions that include full integration to all banks
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Specifically meet clients’ needs rather than to simply “drop a box”
  • All pay and HR records available on line for 5 years or longer if required
  • Fee differentiation for active and inactive employees

LabourNet Payroll Solutions (LPS) offers what is possibly South Africa’s most comprehensive outsourcing solution aimed specifically at the “Mid to Corporate” marketplace. Full staffing, IT, EFT Transactions, Garnishees payment, loans, leave and capturing infrastructure relating to Payroll is outsourced with limited or no human resources functions remaining in the client domain. If required, qualified staff are even placed onsite to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy and to provide commitment to excellence in both service and communications.

Keywords: Payroll