Violin & Cello Making and repairs.

By: Hannes Jacobs Violins  12-04-2012
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  • Wood: Good quality wood is very important. The wood that I am using is imported mainly from Europe.
  • Graduation patterns: The thickness patterns of the top and the back are extremely important for resonant instruments with a colourful sound. Not much of importance is written in books regarding this aspect, and the information one can find is mostly misleading. It was only after making quite a number of violins, experimenting with different graduation patterns and varnishes, that I now feel that I have obtained an excellent quality of sound.
  • Optimizing and set up: The natural frequencies of the various components are measured and optimized. Accurate set up is done with regards to the sound post and a good quality bridge and strings to match the characteristics of the instrument.
  • Varnish: I am using a high quality oil based varnish on all my instruments.
  • Tonal improvement
          The quality of an instrument's sound can be improved 
           firstly by the correct set-up of the instrument, especially
           the sound post and bridge, choice of strings and the 
           matching of A0/B0 and tailpiece frequencies.
  • Repairing of bows
    I specialize in the repairing of broken bows.
  • Rehairing of bows
    I used a high quality, unbleached horse hair.
  • Appraisals
  • Buying used instruments
  • I buy used instruments. Contact me for more information.
  • New instruments and accessories for sale 
    The following new items are supplied and can be mailed by post to any location. All instruments are correctly set up for optimum tone and play ability. Please contact me for more information:
         Double basses
         Instrument accessories 
  • Advice
    You are welcome to contact me should you need any information or advice regarding instruments.

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