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By: Terrace Vet  11-11-2011
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Services 24 h Ambulance service  - We have instituted an ambulance service that will be available 24 hours a day to pick up your pet and transport your pet to the clinic for medical care.A food delivery service - include delivery of food at your convenience.

House calls
- will still form part of our normal services. This will be available all day during the week.

Puppy socialization classes
– this will take place on Saturdays and will take off in May. Ms. Aneesa Bhoola will be hosting our classes. On completion of this class your puppy will be awarded with a certificate to indicate that he or she has successfully completed the course.

A weight clinic
- will also be presented at the clinic to ensure your pet remains in the adequate weight bracket!!!! This prevents diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc. Free weigh-ins, as well as monthly monitoring of your pets weight forms part of the programme. Treats for pets on the weight control programme, recipes etc. will be discussed.

Dental specific consults
– can be made by appointment to ensure optimum oral hygiene and prevent the common diseases , for example kidney and heart valve problems commonly associated with dental disease. A free dental gift pack will accompany each pet presented for an examination.

Senior pet consults
– can be made by appointment to pick up senior problems earlier. This ensures early treatment of age realetd diseases prolonging the animal-owner bond. A free old age pamper kit will accompany every pet that receives an examination. 

Feline waiting room
- For our feline owners there will be a separate waiting room to ensure a less stressful environment for our cat patients while waiting.

Consulting by appointments
- Owners can make appointments to see our vets at a time convenient for them 

All day consulting
– apart from appointments a vet will be available to assist any client coming in at any time as well. Our consulting hours will be from 07:00 – 18:30. After this emergency services will be available.

24 h Emergency service
- We will have an after - hours emergency service so our clients will not have to travel anymore.

Exotic pet hospitalization facilities
- We will have reptile, bird, primate and rabbit hospitalisation facilities to further build our specialized exotic interest. 

Practice pet area
- Outside the clinic in the grounds we will have or practice pets on display for you to see and learn about. Some of them are our own and some were abandoned and adopted by us.

Toddler play area and television
- In our waiting room we will have a toddler play area to keep the little ones busy. A television with cartoons and Disney movies will also provide added entertainment.

– in our waiting area we will have pet products for you to look at and spoil your pet with as well as new puppy/kitten accessories. As known tradition quality pet food will be available. 

Veteriary services
- We will be providing comprehensive veterinary care and service including laboratory tests, radiographs critical care, surgery, medicine, oncology(cancer treatment), specialized bird and exotic pet medicine and surgery, trauma pet services and internal medicine work-ups.

Future veterinary services
- Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, in house laboratory services and homeopathy for pets.

Keywords: Pet