Installation of solar water heating systems

Installation of solar water heating systems from Solar Boyz

By: Solar Boyz   02-17-2010
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Like it or not, rising electricity prices are part of our lives. But there is a
way for South Africans to dramatically cut electricity costs and also become
part of the long term solution for the country!

Your geyser accounts for between 30 and 50% of your household electricity
consumption. South Africa is one of the sunniest countries in the world, and
even in winter months has a high enough heat index to heat water
effectively. By installing a solar geyser you can not only dramatically
decrease your electricity bill, but also relieve some of the pressure being
placed on ESKOM and do your part for the environment by using a freely
available renewable resource.

Solar Energy For the Nation

Installing a solar geyser can cut your electricity bill by up to 40% and your
solar geyser will pay for itself in a matter of three to four years, after which
you will have hot water heated for free for years to come. At the same time
it will also take a huge load of the national grid once a significant number of
these units are implemented. Not only will it mean massive savings for the
consumer, but it will undoubtedly also have a dramatic impact on the
environment, as these systems are 100% clean and "green" with no toxic
emissions or pollutants. It will eventually play a major part in the combat
against global warming.

Solar Boyz has a dedicated installation team with vast experience in
installation of solar geysers and all other aspects of plumbing. Solar Boyz is
the sole importer and distributor of the market leading Vesuvius brand of
solar geysers. Solar Boyz also supplies and installs inverters, generators
and photovoltaic (solar) panels.

Solar Boyz is based in Edenvale, Gauteng.

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