Keeping corporate office and home healthy with pure air,perfectaire machines

Keeping corporate office and home healthy with pure air,perfectaire machines from Perfectlife

By: Perfectlife  02-20-2014
Keywords: Air Purifier, purifier, Ionizer

At Perfectlife we strive to contain all airborne viruses and bacteria with our air purifying machine and microbe solution drops.SABS tested and confirmed that it kills bacteria and viruses. Removes dust,pollen, spores, allergens,bad odors,fungus,nicotine and more from the air you breathe. Modern,classy designs. As leaders in air purification, PerfectAire’s range of 12 units in various colors and 26 natural botanical exact solutions will eliminate 99.99% of indoor airborne bacteria .viruses and contaminants, reducing respiratory ailments and leaving a wonderfully fresh aroma lingering. Used in hospitals, kitchens, hotels, schools, offices, private homes and safe for new borns and animals. Prices from R3980.00- R1390.00 Solution that: Peppermint/Eucalyptus Soothes Colds, boosts concentration and breathing Tea Tree & Lavender Calming, soothing, embodies peace and harmony Green Tea Refreshing and rejuvenates the body through a soothing earthy scent Rose Uplifting, relieves stress and creates an enchanting atmosphere Lotus Delightful scent, relaxing and calming Lavender Relaxes, counters stress and uplifts the spirit Relaxing Calming, relieves tension, anxiety and stress Oasis Soothing blend that promotes a feeling of peace and tranquillity Uplifting Improves alertness, blood circulation and reduces anxiety Orange Peel Uplifting, alertness, attentive and calms tired nerves Fresh Lemon Deodorizes, increases mental clarity and enhances vitality Green Apple Antibacterial, refreshing and enhances creativity Sandalwood Relax mind and body, increases alertness and reduces anxiety Sakura Sensual, cherry blossoms, freshness of spring time Citronella Natural Insect repellent Coffee Promoting blood circulation, removing fatigue Vanilla Ease tension and anxiety and seems to promote feelings of safety Cranberry Refreshing, energize and calms tired nerves Lily Helps you sleep, relieves tension and relaxing Clary Sage Calm, seductive and soothing Microbshield Sterilizing, antibacterial, anti- fungus and eliminates odour Peppermint Uplifting, relieves colds and headaches Eucalyptus Improves breathing and relieves colds Lemongrass Relieves headaches, removes odours and is uplifting Bamboo Lifts the spirit, soothes and relieves stress Rain Forest Relieves stress and is uplifting Morning Dew Fresh & natural soothing and calms the spirit [email protected] Linda 011 6091785 Linda 082 390 4141

Keywords: Air Purifier, Ionizer, purifier

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Air purify,sanitize,ionize and deodorize,in one: Call Linda NOW Disinfect and re-energize your air now. Unhygienic indoor air causes Sneezing, cough, itchy eyes, runny nose Breathing difficulties and asthma Allergies, rashes, itchy skin Headaches, dizziness, fatigue Lower mental concentration Lower productivity at work Our machine and natural botanical solution: Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses Eliminates most odors within 120 minutes 100% Safe to Humans & Animals Covers 50 -100 m2 ef

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Perfectlife and perfectaire air purifiying systems Using water natural elements of healing and our solutions that give auto advanced aromatherapy,purify,deodorize sanitize and humidify- Our product is world leader and has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses SABS tests to confirm, we are currently exclusive distributors to corporates that need the following : pure air ; clean air in offices where air conditioners recycle air, purify the air to reduce staff offs thus improving productivity.


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Best, cheapest air purfication and humidification in South Africa-SABS tested No 1 in the world.

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Office air purification

Home and office air purification,with health benefits that astound. SABS friendly equipment. inexpensive easy to use highly beneficial fro health.

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• Eliminates cigarette smoke. • Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria. • Prevents mold and fungi growth. • Removes mold, pollen, dust and other contaminants. • Neutralizes malodorous such as pet smell, smoke fumes and paint fumes. • Aerate, refresh and cleanse stale indoor air, ANYWHERE! • Improves your general well-being and mood. • Creating a welcoming ambivalence to work, play or sleep. • Cleanses an area up to 80 sq meters and effectively revitalizes air within minutes.