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By: Mapa Cleaning Technologies  11-11-2011
Keywords: High Pressure Cleaners, Pressure Cleaners, High Pressure Cleaner

MaPa Cleaning Technologies are leaders in the field, and at the forefront of innovative local design of high pressure cleaning systems, dust suppression systems and misting and cooling systems.

Our locally built 2010 range of high pressure machines reflect some of the latest technology ever to be used into this type of equipment in the South African market, and incorporate features never introduced by any local manufacturer before.

Our panel building division designs and builds control panels for all the high pressure equipment we manufacture, from simple dust suppression underground high pressure cleaners and above ground direct on line starters, to plc driven controls and pc boards for features such as delayed stop, low water protection, remote wireless control and sound and movement sensing to name just a few.

We also specialize in custom high pressure cleaner builds for clients with specific needs and have built machines used for cutting chocolate, de-rusting railway car undercarriages, sewer cleaning, cooling in chicken houses and pig pens, dust suppression underground, complete containerized systems for dust suppression for the mining industry in the Sahara, turnkey car wash projects, trailer mounted units and so on.

We also supply semi built kits for high pressure pumps, motors and starters, inlet tanks, high pressure hoses, guns and lances, trolley frames, wall mounted frames and stationary frames to OEM's.

All our equipment is fully supported by our technical staff, spare parts division and after sales service division. With millions of Rand invested in high pressure spare parts and high pressure accessories we are able to provide a first class after sales program to all our clients.

Keywords: Cleaning Technologies, High Pressure Cleaner, High Pressure Cleaners, Pressure Cleaner, Pressure Cleaners, Pressure Machines

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