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By: Linqpay  01-13-2011
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 Mobile LinQ patented service provides businesses with the ability to accept payments from any mobile phone. Mobile LinQ, enables businesses that are mobile in nature to accept credit cards and signature-based debit cards as payment using a cell phone as the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. No matter if you’re a sales distribution representative for Avon, Tupperware or a newspaper; a self employed taxi cab driver, landscaper or handy man; a flea market stall owner, farmer, market or trade show exhibitor you can now accept credit cards anywhere at any time.

Mobile LinQ allows businesses to easily, quickly and securely accept credit card and debit card payments from customers. Businesses of all sizes can now realize the benefit of accepting electronic payment at all locations no matter the size or location. Businesses need only a mobile phone and bank account to begin using the Mobile LinQ service. Businesses no longer need to spend hundreds of Rands on expensive and cumbersome point of sale terminals, nor do they need to spend months negotiating with banks to obtain merchant accounts. LinQpay allows instant access to credit card processing for all business. With only a mobile phone and bank account businesses can be set up and accepting credit cards within hours.

Mobile LinQ (Secure Java version) now offers a new cash register feature which allows you to track and manage all payment types including cash, cheque, credit and debit card as well as gift vouchers. The cash register feature provides reporting per user and a consolidated head-office level report ensuring that each user can be managed individually

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