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By: Kangowolf  11-11-2011

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 Pionjär Combined Drill/Breakers
  Powerful, portable and easy to use
Pionjär Petrol-driven combined drill/breakers

     Powerful, portable and easy to use with a wide range of , the Pionjär is a very useful tool. This hand-held petrol-driven drill and breaker is equally ideal for smaller drilling and breaking jobs in or around town, as well as for applications in remote sites with limited access.     Your Pionjär breaks up asphalt and concrete, splits large boulders and concrete, and it digs is hard or frozen soil where manual spades can scarcely break the surface. After digging and breaking, the Pionjär can be used to compact the sand, rubble and stone to restore the working surface to its desired condition. In addition to the wide variety of , the Pionjar has a power take-off source for grinding drill steels.     Sometimes you need to go far afield. Up in the mountains or to other remote areas for prospecting and ground surveying. No problem. The Pionjär is easily carried to workplaces way off the beaten track. It requires no seperate power packs. No cumbersome hydraulic or pneumatic hoses and no electric cables. just pull the start cord and you Pionjär will deliver a full hour's effective work for just 1.5 litres of fuel.     The Pionjär is simplicity in itself and is based on a concept of plain rugged reliability. The concept consists of 4 basic models - the Pionjär 120 and 140 drill/breaker combinations and the Pionjär 130 and 150 breakers. All models are powered by a single cylinder, air-cooled two stroke engine with reverse scavenging. All machines have a throttle control to simplify collaring.     The special anti-vibration handles, adjustable throttle control and noise reduction make the Pionjär a user-friendly machines for any job, any time, any place, anywhere.     The Pionjär is not only the handy more-per-hour contracting and repair tool. It is also the perfect emergency tool. Thanks to its proven reliability, rescue teams, military and defence services, rail repair teams and trouble-shooters worldwide have long experienced the versatility and instant readiness of the Pionjär - the multi-task tool for multi-task jobs.Pionjär: |
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An additional factor contributing to its ecological integrity is its use of a new, biologically degradable lubricant - Atlas Copco Two-stroke oil.VersatileThe Cobra mk1 is ideally suited to a wide range of demanding tasks, and offers a comprehensive assortment of tools for cutting, breaking, driving, tamping and tie tamping.