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By: Kangowolf  11-11-2011

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Cobra mk1 - 21st Century solution to breaking & cutting

Impact & Flexibility
The Cobra mk1 is the hardest-hitting petrol-driven breaker on the market today. Its impact energy is an incredible 60 joules - equal to that of medium sized pneumatic and hydraulic breakers.Low vibration, high performance
Vibration is defined in terms of metres per second squared (m/s²). The European Union has set a norm of 2.5m/s². Thanks to its patented leaf springs, the Cobra mk1 emits a vibration level of just 2.3m/s² - while still providing 60 joules of hard-hitting power!Simple to operate
Easy-to-understand starting instructions have been incorporated in the top cover of the Cobra mk1, which means that they are always available when needed. The Cobra mk1 is easy to start. Whether the machine is hot or cold.Innovative
The Cobra mk1's vibration-dampened handle frame serves a variety of purposes; one of which is to store fuel, thus keeping it seperate from the heat of the engine. The handle frame also has a protective function, preventing the machine from being damaged by rough handling.Environmentally friendly
The Cobra mk1 meets the toughest emission requirements in the world, and has been EPA-1 approved, thanks to its unique, patented motor, designed and developed in-house by Atlas Copco. An additional factor contributing to its ecological integrity is its use of a new, biologically degradable lubricant - Atlas Copco Two-stroke oil.Versatile
The Cobra mk1 is ideally suited to a wide range of demanding tasks, and offers a comprehensive assortment of tools for cutting, breaking, driving, tamping and tie tamping. Thanks to its power, reliability, user friendliness, and the ease with which it can be maintained, the Cobra mk1 has quickly become a favourite working tool for public and privately-owned utility companies, railways and not least, machine rental firms. | |
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