On Car / On Truck Brake Disc Rotor Skimming

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         Changing worn disc pads is generally a quick operation and beats having to replace old fashioned brake shoes and brake drums. The basic problem exists in that the worn brake discs rotor's friction mating surfaces are uneven and when the new disc pads are installed into the vehicle’s calipers they do not make 100% contact with the brake disc rotor. Ideally the brake disc rotor should be refaced or replaced so as to ensure a perfectly flat mating surface to ensure perfect braking.
       The amount of time required to remove and replace 30 Kg calipers and hubs can take up to between 5 to 8 hours per wheel, So the new pads are installed anyway and they will probably take up to 15,000 km to bed in.
       The disc pads are now running on about 30% of the mating surface and the heat from the brake applications is being concentrated on that 30% of the brake disc rotor and the heat is not being dissipated as efficiently as when 100% surface contact is made. This concentration of heat then causes the brake disc rotor to starting cracking and the eventual acceleration of brake pad wear.
       So faced with the problem of long down times and the possibility of the technician damaging other components whilst having to remove the caliper and hub, IPV Brake & Clutch Services have invested in a time saving piece of equipment, the TP44M On-Truck disc lathe. With this piece of equipment there is no necessity to remove any component except for the brake disc pads.

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