By: Global Voice Carrier  11-11-2011
Keywords: VoIP, Cost Routing

Global Voice Carrier is a next generation carrier set to offer you the very best in GSM VoIP termination.We have three main product offerings to ensure that you receive the proper focus and attention.

South African VoIP to GSM Termination

This service is aimed at the internaitonal carrier/voice service provider looking to terminate traffic into South Africa. We have dedicated international bandwidth and are able to accept calls in SIP/H323 and a variety of codecs. Our switch is compatible with most VoIP hardware on the market which ensures that we are able to work with your existing configuration. Our capacity exceeds 900 concurrent calls and our 24 hour NOC ensures that the ACD's and ASR's are t he best in the industry.

Least Cost Routing to the South African Market

This focus area is dedicated to the companies in South Africa who have large mobile telephony bills and are looking to save costs by employing Least Cost Routing (LCR). Our LCR equipment will be installed at the customer site, and the calls will be sent via our SIM cards far cheaper than local carriers. This offers a typical saving of 40% on the local carrier rate.

VoIP Minutes Aggregation

This is a service aimed at the smaller carriers who are looking to terminate small volumes of traffic. The smaller bundles of traffic will be aggregated and presented outward as a single account, thereby achieving the higher volume discounts.

Keywords: Cost Routing, VoIP