Handy Tips

By: Damppro Contractors  04-07-2012
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Preparation is the key word to an excellent painting application

1) Remove all lose and flaking paint from surface.

2) Sand Enamels to break gloss level.

2a) Sand or wire brush rusted steel.

3)Rusted steel must be treated with a rush converter.

4) Wash surface with degreaser or sugar soap to remove oil, grease and all dirt and dust?

5) Most degreases need to be neurotised with water. Check product data sheet.

6) All surfaces need a primer and/or undercoat before you topcoat.

7) Always read your dater information on package. (Side of tin)

8) Stir your paint with a FLAT stick/paddle .NOT ROUND

9) Follow instructions on your paint product, for cleaning, mixing and dry times.

10)Don`t paint in wet or damp conditions or if rain is forecasted.

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