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Chemical Products from Add Resins

By: Add Resins  09-21-2016
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RESINS: Derakane™ epoxy vinylester resins: developed for use in highly corrosive and demanding GRP and coating applications across a broad spectrum of industries. In 2015 Derakane™ celebrated 50 years of being the market leader in vinylester resin technology. Long standing case histories and dedicated technical service are the basis of the standard support provided. ADDupol® unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats, orthophalic resins, isophthalic resins, including casting, laminating and infusion grades, make up the range. These are used in a wide variety of GRP and composite applications. Ashland's Instint™ technology completes our gelcoat range. ADDpoxy® and ADDcure® - a comprehensive range of epoxy resins and hardeners. These are used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, composites, flooring, construction and electrical applications. We also mill and manufacture pigment pastes and have a blending facility that can modify or customize products for specific applications. CHEMICALS: ADDsol® solvents include acetone, ethyl acetate, n-Propanol and MEK used in the composite, printing and adhesive industries. These are delivered from our bulk tank facilities located at our Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal branches. Methylene chloride - a chlorinated solvent used in adhesive, foaming, solvent and paint industries. Acrastrip™ - an award winning, environmentally friendly water based cleaning system for use with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. POWDER COATINGS: Powder coatings are based on thermosetting polymers and are specialized coatings for the protection of steel and aluminum surfaces. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, from decorative and house-hold appliances to architectural grades. The absence of solvents in their formulations makes them environmentally friendly and cost effective. They are mainly electrostatically applied and can be formulated in a large variety of colours and finishes. ACCESSORIES: A comprehensive range of accessories consisting of glassfibre reinforcements (CSM, rovings, chopped strands and woven products), peroxide catalysts (Luperox and Curox range), several types of fillers, body filler, LANTOR coremat and surface tissues (Viledon synthetic, Donacarbo carbon fibre and glass), pigments, accelerators, retarders, UV additives, mould releases, brushes, rollers, Integra® adhesives - innovative adhesive products for solid surface, quartz surfaces, natural stone and composites and silicone rubbers - used mainly in moulding applications.

Keywords: Chemicals, gelcoats, polyester resins, Polymers, Powder Coatings, Resins, vynil ester resins