By: ACL INDUSTRIAL  03-30-2010
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Products - Innovative Valve Technology
GSR valves are used in nearly all applications.  
For example:
- in high-pressure applications up to 500 bar
- in high temperature applications up to 400°C
- in gas applications 
- in natural gas filling stations for hydrogen
- in the food processing industry 
- for water treatment for high viscosity media as wax, oil, resin, colours  
- grease of blank sheets used in the car wash industry and automotive industry.    

In addition to more than 3000 special valves we offer an extensive product range of pilot operated-, force pilot operated- and direct acting solenoid valves, of pressure controlled valves, motor-driven valves and accessories.  

Have you ever seen a singing valve?  

Do you want to find out how to save up to 91% energy by use of our switching electronics with LED & diagnosis?  

INNOVATIVE VALVE TECHNOLOGIES - contact us for innovation and solutions to your Valve problems

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