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By: Above And Beyond Concepts  11-11-2011

Small business is still big business. Every company needs the ability to do e-mail, create, share and centrally manage documents and files and ensure that all their information is backed up and protected. But no one wants the hassle or expense of dealing with complex IT systems. IBM LotusĀ® Foundations is a family of software appliances that provide the essential software businesses need to focus on running the business, not managing computer systems. Email, calendars, contacts, office productivity tools, network security, remote access, file and print sharing, backup and disaster recovery - all in a single package priced with the small business budget in mind.Easy to set-up. Easy to use. Inexpensive to buy. Just plug it in and go. Provides small businesses with all the essential software they need to share information, keep people connected and help ensure data is protected Extends a company's Lotus Domino infrastructure from a headquarters location to remote branch offices with limited IT support A purpose built server offering for Lotus Foundations software providing a plug-and-play experience for the small business or branch office Optional business applications for Lotus Foundations Start enables you to automate critical activities. These integrated applications can be deployed via a simple one-click install.

There are some things they don't teach you in graduate school.Kevin is not in the technology business; he's the owner of an up and coming law firm. But technology issues are often what keep him up at night. He realizes that for his business to thrive, he has to stay current on technology. His firm has two locations and case work is constantly shared between locations, making the management of paper documents cumbersome. Long work hours mean the ability to connect from home is a must. With never enough hours in the day, Kevin can bear neither the headache, nor expense of computer system downtime, nor the hassle of filtering through e-mail spam to respond to legitimate case requests. He wants to make it easier to share documents between the two offices and ensure the lawyers can access files when away from the office. More importantly, they need a better way to store - and in the event of the unthinkable - recover their ever-increasing volume of client and case information. The firm currently uses a backup tape solution, but the last time the server went down, they lost a weeks worth of data and billable hours trying to restore their information. And though Kevin does want to retire early, he knows the emails he receives daily promising the secrets to untold wealth and the next great stock tip are just spam or the next virus lying in wait to take down his office network. Kevin takes the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it - and if it is broke, fix it fast, or get someone else to do it" approach. Kevin relies upon his paralegal to handle much of the firm's basic IT tasks. Her IT skills are largely self-taught, and in many cases she is able to resolve some of the basic problems the firm encounters. But as the firm grows, this on the job learning is becoming less feasible. Kevin needs a solution that can suit all the firm's needs - something simple and affordable, yet sophisticated enough to keep the firm's offices connected and all their casework secure. IBM Lotus Foundations Start provides Kevin's up and coming law firm with the essential tools it needs to keep the business up and running, without the hassle or worry of the firm's staff having to monitor or maintain the technology that it leverages:
  • A security-enhanced virtual private network (VPN) ensures that the team can work from home or the other office location and still access the files they need
  • Integrated anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall protection helps keep the inboxes free from spam and the network free from viruses
  • Backups for their case and client data are frequent, and automated. And in the event of a system failure, it can be recovered in minutes
With this level of sophistication and automation in a single IT solution, Kevin can rest his case on IT and get back to the business of the law. * Fictitious character designed to illustrate customer pain points.

IT systems don't care about physicians' work. So why should physicians worry about IT?Dr. Ralph Durden, a physician with a well established practice, considers himself on the cutting edge - literally and figuratively. He recently moved to digital x-rays and electronic patient records. Unfortunately, however, when his server goes down, his office staff cannot get anything done because they have to revert to their old paper processes. Increasingly frustrated with the cost and frustration of dealing with viruses and system crashes, he installed a tape backup drive to hopefully recover his information in case of a disaster. Like most physicians, he doesn't have an IT staff, and has run into problems in the past when the receptionist forgot to change the backup tapes on schedule. What's more, the office has been using the same set of tapes for months, and they are starting to look damaged. Dr. Durden is concerned that the next memory lapse or hardware failure will result in the loss of all his data. Dr. Durden doesn't want to deal with the IT equipment in his office. He'd much prefer a system that can run itself and be maintained remotely by a company with experience in the IT field. IBM Lotus Foundations Start is the ideal solution for Dr. Durden, providing the storage and backup capabilities he needs, while being simple and straightforward enough for him to feel safe running it in the background.
  • No-fuss, worry-free disk-based backups are frequent and automated, eliminating the need for tape drives and the associated manual changes
  • In case of an emergency, information can be recovered in minutes - there is no worry of patient data not being available
  • Calendaring tools make it easy for Dr. Durden to arrange and manage his busy schedule
  • The included firewall provides yet another layer of protection for sensitive patient information
Lotus Foundation Start's robust backup capabilities, coupled with its ease of ownership, enable Dr. Durden to focus on the business of tending to his patients * Fictitious character designed to illustrate customer pain points.

Doing it all yourself isn't always the answer.Kristen has always been an entrepreneur and "do-it-yourselfer," and she prefers to break the mold when it comes to fashion. In fact, she has turned her knack for alternative fashion into a successful clothing boutique and is in the process of opening up her second store. She relies heavily on repeat business and keeps extensive information on her customers, highlighting their styles and buying preferences. To bring in new business, Kristen uses the web to showcase examples of her merchandise. And though her site is not yet transaction focused, it is designed to spark interest to drive foot traffic to the store and phone calls for more information. But though she has been successful in pushing the fashion norms, she has not been so lucky in addressing the technology challenges that come along with a growing business. Kristen needs an email system that will allow her staff to communicate with her clients. Also key is ensuring her website is always live and that her customer information is available, up-to-date and secure. And with the new store opening soon, Kristen wants to enable the two sites to share purchase and inventory information. As with many small business owners, Kristen operates on a very tight budget, and she cannot afford the hassle and expense of a complex IT solution or a staff to manage it. IBM Lotus Foundations Start fits the bill for a highly functional, low-touch, affordable solution to address Kristen's technology needs, without overwhelming her with complex IT tasks or schedules that stunt her business' growth:
  • Included IBM Lotus office productivity tools enable Kristen to create and manage inventory sheets, invoices and other documents and spreadsheets necessary for her to run the business
  • An integrated disk-based backup system and two-minute disaster recovery helps protect Kristen's important client information in case of accidental deletion or a system failure
  • The included virtual private network (VPN) connects the new store to her existing network so she can access necessary information no, regardless of the store she is in
Best of all, Kristen's high-tech solution automates critical IT tasks * Fictitious character designed to illustrate customer pain points.

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