Internet Abuse and Web Surfing Control

By: SeKure-IT  06-05-2013
Keywords: Surfing, Internet Abuse, web surfing control,

Internet abuse is rife within most organisations and is growing at an alarming rate. We have now introduced a comprehensive solution for web filtering control, management and reporting to combat this.

Our Surf-SeCure provides a real-time filtering system for protecting networks from Internet-based threats, as well as enforcing an organization’s surfing policy. Surf-SeCure inspects HTTP and FTP traffic and provides full protection against known and emerging Viruses, Worms and Trojan-horses.

In addition, the Surf-SeCure has a “built-in” fully customizable report generator so that you can customize and generate any type of reports required by your company (e.g. per user or group of users, destination, page hits and views, amount of data, time period – month, weeks, days, time of day) or any combination of these and many more.


Should you wish to test our Surf-SeCure at no obligation, please contact us to obtain a software download link.

Keywords: Browsing Control, Control Facebook etc, Internet Abuse, Surfing, web surfing control,