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By: Rebel Safety Gear  11-11-2011
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NEWS & Promotions

REBEL Safety Gear is proud to launch and add a new security range branded “REBEL Combat Gear” to its already versatile and quality collection of protective footwear.

The NEW REBEL Combat Security range consists of 7 quality security products:

REBEL Black Hawk (RE911)

REBEL Ranger (Zip) (RE1102Z) & Rebel Ranger (RE1102 Without Side-Zip)

REBEL Patrol Hi (RE476) & Rebel Patrol Mid (RE358)

REBEL Basix Security - Steel Toe(RE788S) & Rebel Security- No Steel Toe(RE788N)

We are very pleased to announce that we have moved in to our new offices and warehouse situated in Wilbart, Bedfordview..

REBEL's new physical address and contact detail are:

REBEL Safetygear
Orlik/Rebel Drive
Corner of Mount Joy & George Allen
Wilbart, Bedfordview

Tel: (011) 663-2700
Fax: (086) 509-7163

The NEW Rebel Active Workboot range offers an innovatively styled, casual-looking Workboot, which not only gives a recognisable level of comfort to the wearer, but also offers world class safety.

..wide profile toecap, full footbed liner, breathable and abrasion resistant Taibrelle lining to wick moisture away from the foot.

Giving you good looking, comfortable and safe Workboots that you’ll want to wear!

The NEW Rebel Active range:


Now offering sports shoe technology in a safety shoe



Now offering sports shoe technology in a safety shoe!


Rebel is excited to add a New Rebel brand "Sheba" to our already versatile and comprehensive collection of quality Rebel Safety footwear.

..(Sheba - Zulu Princess Warrior)

The NEW Sheba brand has been designed to appeal to women who would be required to wear safety footwear at work and who are looking for something a bit more feminine and comfortable than the traditional, ugly safety shoe.

The Rebel SHEBA range is made up of the following quality and comfortable safety boots and safety shoes:

  • Amina Shoe (GL0910)
  • Nandi Brown Shoe (GL0909)
  • Nandi Black Shoe (GL0909)
  • Thazo Boot (GL0911)

Maximum Comfort, Protection and Quality are the underlying principles that run through every aspect of Rebel Safetygear Workboots, the new Sheba range will further strengthen Rebel’s commitment to this approach.

The reality of the economic situation is that while the costs of products are going through the roof, employers still need to try make their PPE spend go further.

Because buying "Affordable Workboots"
does not mean you need to compromise on
Quality, Safety or Comfort!

The FX2 Workboots are geared to compete with and take the current "cheap & nasty" imports market head on, by offering affordable, real value for money safety footwear alternative, without compromising on comfort, safety and quality.

Aurora Primary School is a registered Independent School that was started in 1999 by Veronica Walker, with the sole purpose of providing education and accommodation for disadvantaged children specifically from Ivory Park.

Veronica started the school with just 6 children, and it has grown to almost 110 children in 2009. Along with the growth of the school, there have been major developments in staffing of the school and boarding hostel, volunteer teams, food provision, accommodation and educational needs.

Aurora Primary School and students have been able to grow from strength to strength with the help of the generous donations from sponsors who have supported various building projects, borehole drilling, and the provision of educational equipment and furniture.

If you or your company would like to be a part of the Aurora sponsor programme or would like any further information, please contact Veronica on the details below:

Veronica Walker
Aurora Primary School
Cell No:

CrossFit Rebel S.A will be sending the following 2 local elite athletes to represent our African region at the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California – USA from the 10 – 12th of July 2009.

  • The African Region Qualifying Man is:

Danie - CrossFit Rebel South Africa

  • The African Region Qualifying Lady is:

Tia - CrossFit Rebel South Africa

The Rebel Safetygear Team wishes these two competitors all the best and know that they will do us proud at the 3rd Annual CrossFit Games this coming July.

In addition, the footwear provides a new "In the Dark" safety feature, making the wearer visible in dark environments or at night.


The New and Improved Rebel RE811 Safety Boot and RE380 Safety Shoe range has a very attractive price-performance ratio, supporting the following features:

  • Highly durable full leather upper
  • Padded Bellow tongue for extra comfort and protection against sparks and shavings
  • Ultra-Comfortable Inner Sole
  • Light weight Dual Density Poly Urethane Rebel Sole
  • Maxi-grip outer sole – ensuring high durability
  • Breathable and Abrasion Resistant Tai-brella
  • Wide Profile Esjot Carbon Steel Cap #459
  • Hi-Visibility “In the Dark” safety strip for added visibility
  • Nickel-free D-Rings
  • Available in: Black or Brown
  • Sizes Available: 2 - 15

The NEW Rebel Safety Footwear range includes the following products:

Rebel Stealth II – Non Metallic Chelsea Boot (RE906)

  • Full Grain Water Resistant Leather with "Easy-Pull-On" tabs
  • Lightweight construction ensures wearer comfort
  • Metal-free construction assists security measures
  • Fully padded Collar ensures wearer comfort
  • Dual-density PU Sole with Air-Cushion insert ensures maximum comfort and increased durability
  • Available from Size 4 to Size 13

Rebel S3 Boot (RE608 - S3)

  • Full Grain High Quality Buffalo Leather c/w S3 Water Resistant Coating
  • Wide Profile Esjot Carbon Steel #459
  • Anti Penetration Sole
  • Dual Density Poly Urethane Rebel Sole
  • Available from Size 4 to Size 13

Rebel Workpro - Affordable workwear initiative (RE508 – NST)

  • Athletic-inspired comfort and super-light weight construction, available in:
    • Black, Full-Grain, Water Resistant Action Leather Upper
    • White, Full-Grain, Water Resistant Action Leather Upper
    • Grey, Suede, Water Resistant Action Leather Upper
  • Highly Durable, Slip- and Oil- Resistant Outsole
  • Ideal for everyone in the hospitality industry
  • Available from Size 2 to Size 13

The Rebel range of Safety Footwear provides comprehensive year-round protection to those who recognise the importance of combining comfort with safety to afford their workers with the best in foot protection – Giving them “Safe Feet”!

Every sole of the ThermoTrak range of boots is heat resistant to up to 300°C, making the ThermoTrak the obvious choice in hostile conditions.

The Rebel ThermoTrak Range consists of:

  • Thermotrak - Trakka Hi (Black)
  • Thermotrak - Trakka Lo (Black)
  • Thermotrak - Havoc (Black and Brown)
  • Thermotrak - Jigga (Black)

Every aspect of the Rebel Thermotrak footwear has been constructed for safety under the most extreme working conditions while providing maximum comfort and support to those that wear them.

Thermotrak footwear are slip resistant, antistatic, shock absorbent and oil resistant. They also feature a wide-profile carbon steel toecap, crafted by Europe’s premier toecap manufacturer that protects your feet from up to 200 Joules of pressure.

All Thermotrak Safety Shoes and Safety Boots supplied by Rebel Safetygear meet or exceed the EN - ISO 20345 standards.

The Puma® Safety footwear range is set to fulfill the needs of the most fashion conscious customers among us, whilst ensuring that the wearer's foot protection has not been compromised.

Available alongside the established Rebel brands, such as the popular Rebel Adventure Wear, the Rebel ThermoTrak, the Rebel FX1, the Rebel Non-Metallic and the newly launched Rebel Active range, Rebel Safetygear can now offer customers an unparalleled selection of Puma® Safety Footwear, suitable for a wealth of applications including construction, engineering, chemical, security and medical industries.

Puma® is respected as one of the major footwear brands in the world, and their new safety footwear incorporates high performance safety and comfort, whilst allowing wearers to enjoy the superb style which is synonymous with Puma® footwear.

Innovatively designed, the range offers the unique PUMA Cell Technology, which provides the heel with extra shock absorption and stabilises the movement of the foot.

Additional features include steel midsole and scuff cap options, and a wide variety of styles and sizes which means that Puma® Safety Footwear looks set to be a popular choice with end-users who are looking for something more than just the run-of-the-mill safety footwear.

The introduction of Puma® to the safety footwear market takes foot protection to an exciting new level, and we are delighted to offer their range alongside our existing premium Rebel Safety Footwear styles.

Rebel Safety Gear supply Puma® Safety Shoes and Safety Boots through our specialist distributors across South Africa. Please contact us for a Rebel Puma® Distributor in your area!

Rebel's principle safety shoe and safety boot manufacturer, which is a major supplier to the top end of the European industrial market, has received sufficient demand to do just that.

The range offers fibre or composite material toecaps and mid-soles, as well as non-metallic eyelets.

The aim of metal-free safety footwear is to pass through security surveillance equipment without setting off alarms, and to allow easier scanning of workers for stolen goods (on the way out) or weapons (on the way in), without compromising its fundamental intention of protecting the foot.

"But there are other benefits, which are actually byproducts," Cooke says. "Metal-free boots don't interfere with electromagnetic equipment in any way, and they don't transmit heat or coldness." Also, unlike metal, they recover their shape after an impact, which means it's easier to get the foot out of the boot after an accident.

The boots were originally designed for use in mines, or other businesses where theft of small, high value items is a problem, but they are also ideal for high security areas where metal detectors are standard, such as at airports.

Customers can now also be kept up-date with the new product releases, industry news and events by using the "News & Promotions" section of the website or by subscribing to our Rebel Newsletter.

So be sure to keep visiting us for up-to-date product news and information, and in the meantime, we hope that you will find our content useful and we welcome any comments and suggestions you may have on how we can further improve it.

Kind regards,
The Rebel Safety Gear Team

Keywords: Safety Boots, Safety Footwear, Safety Gear, Safety Shoe, Security

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REBEL SAFETY GEAR - Safety Shoes and Safety Boots of Premium Quality and Style - products

Every aspect of the Rebel Safety Gear work boot has been constructed for safety under the most extreme working conditions while providing maximum comfort and support to those that wear them. They feature a wide-profile carbon steel toecap, crafted by Europe’s premier toecap manufacturer that protects your feet from up to 200 Joules of pressure.