THERMOFLOW® from Bonchem

By: Bonchem  10-18-2010
Keywords: Water Treatment, Cooling

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY ! For Bonchem's Cooling Water Treatment BONCHEM THERMOFLOW® The Ultimate Chemical Package for Deposit Control THERMOFLOW® product range was developed for deposit control in deep oil exploration wells, where extreme temperatures and severe water qualities lead to excessive deposit formation with the use of traditional scale inhibitors/dispersants. (For further details click here, "Photo Images of Case Studies/Histories")  How does THERMOFLOW® work? • Powerful sequestering agent • Loads the particles with a strong anionic charge • Modifies/distorts the crystal structure What are the benefits of using THERMOFLOW®? • On equal cost basis - improved results • Superior scale inhibition • Potential result in water savings - Operate system at increased cycles of concentration • Potential reduction of effluent loading - Increased cycles = reduced bleed-off • Can deal more effectively with poor quality make-up water • Utilizes crystal modification, sequestration and dispersion • Improved recovery characteristics • Reduces scale formation under laminar flow conditions

Keywords: Cooling, Water Treatment