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By: Kids EQ  05-12-2010
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In a stressful, competitive and tough environment, our youth are struggling daily with issues that perhaps we, as adults, may never have faced in years gone by.

Our children are faced with challenges: lack of confidence, fear to trust, bullying, feelings of being “less than”, pressure to excel, subjected to negativity, exposure to crime……and the list continues.

A growing trend in the corporate arena is a focus on emotional intelligence in the workplace:  skills that build self-awareness, awareness of others, resilience and emotional control. The reality is that people, rather than ‘robots” come to work each day, expected to outperform and outshine – this realization has encouraged that we bring the “humanness” back to  work.

In fact, our workplace is not that different from the challenges our children face – and the question is: are our youth equipped to deal to with potential barriers.

Research indicates that children with a high EQ grow up to better functioning adults and our corporate experience dictates that adults with high EQ are more likely to succeed and become better leaders.

H.I.P. 5 represents Harnessing Inner Potential in 5 steps. Specifically geared and targeted towards our youth aged 8-16, we deliver EQ-focused programmes with a 5-pronged approach:

1. Increase self-awareness

2. Understand my emotions

3. Establish my parameters

4. Emotional control

5. Understand true diversity



Art and creative skills are an excellent means for children to discover untapped talent, explore individuality and harness creative capability. Through creative craft and structured exercises, children are encouraged to “sketch” and “build” situations that present themselves as tough or challenging.


In a society of low or no values, children are faced with decisions on a daily basis. Although values will be instilled in our youth from parenting, our youth will be exposed to values outside of the family unit. These influences may arise from peers, TV, cyberspace etc.

Through values simulation games, groups are posed with various simulations that are relevant  and will build on a set of values that are pertinent to our youth. These may include: integrity, honesty, respect, entitlement, success.


Children, like adults, learn best through experiencing. By utilizing as many senses as possible, we are likely to remember. Through experiential exercises, we tap into these senses to ensure maximum learning output and understanding.

Outdoor games that will capture the following outcomes:

·       Increasing the ability to plan

·       Negotiating your ideas with others

·       Improving confidence and communication skills

·       Learning to trust others

·       Enhancing listening skills

·       Thinking laterally and capitilising on strengths of self and others


A great story can touch your life forever. Our selected story:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a wonderful little book that takes us all to new heights.

Our storytelling methodology includes:

The telling of the story

Encouraging participation and feedback

Unpacking the story’s leassons and it’s meaning

Translating the learning into life


Visual charts that depict various emotions, whether positive or negative, are displayed.

Groups work together to unpack :

The meaning of the emotion

The effect of the emotion

How to deal with the emotion when I feel it

Emotion words that have proven to be relevant in youth:

·       ANGER


·       FEARFUL

·       SADNESS



·       PRIDE


·       Children have inherent worth and valid opinions

·       Children have the right to participate, interact and be heard

·       Learning should be through experience rather than “telling”

·       Learning through play is encouraged

·       Group activities and interaction increase social skills and EQ


The Children:

·       The ability to recognize feelings/emotions and better managing them

·       Improving the relationships between thoughts-feelings-actions

·       Improving interpersonal relationships and social skills

·       Being able to channel emotions in a constructive manner

·       Builds self-confidence, resilience and openness

·       Develop a quality relationship with self and others

·       Being able to express oneself in a safe environment

·       Leadership skills

·       Establishing personal values

·       Being able to challenges oneself

·       Have fun while learning

·       Spending time outdoors


In order to fully realize the impact of the H.I.P. 5 programme, it is imperative that a process-based approach is followed. This means that lessons, ideas, experiences and philosophies are extended into a day-to-day practice.

The ideal parties include parents and teachers of H.I.P. 5 participants.

In our H.I.P. COACH session we include the following:

·       Overview of content and learning outcomes

·       How can the coach extend and implement the learning so that it translates into habit

·       Good coaching skills that assist growth and development

This is not a parenting course where we preach good parenting skills, but rather a workshop that underpins and supports the participants of H.I.P. 5 to ensure that there in continuation and consistency in the programme as we aim to deliver sustainable learning results.


Dyad has traditionally served the corporate market in the people development arena. Offering a variety of soft skills training workshops and experiential teambuilding, the company has an excellent track record, having been in operation since 1990.

Dyad is accredited through the Services SETA.

The Facilitators:

Lindy McClymont

Lindy has been a facilitator/trainer for the last 10 years. Having specialized in Emotional Intelligence, motivation and personal potential, she has vast experience in this field. Lindy is a well-recognised facilitator who has an innate ability to connect with people of all ages. Participating in various graduate and learner programmes and equipping the youth for the corporate world, Lindy has experience with our new generation Y and challenges presented to them in today’s environment. Lindy is the managing owner of Dyad.

Mariette Dykstra

Mariette has 8 years experience in the US at Camp Cheerio – as programme director, Mariette was responsible for youth programmes (ages 6-16)at summer camp. Her ability to engage and stimulate young people is a true skills and passion. Her experience in the youth sector as well as the corporate sector allows Mariette to connect and create impact.

Charmaine McGinley

Charmaine Founder of Daily Bread, an NGO supporting local communities, concentrating mainly in the field of abused women and children. However, first and foremost, Charmaine is a mother – this erole brings the “been-there-seen-that  experience to the fold. Charmaine is passionate about youth development and has conducted various workshops in this environment.

Michelle Marnitz

Michele has 20 years worth of experience as High School Teacher and School Counselor. Her work in Curriculum development with an International curriculum gives her a good understanding of global trends and research into developing the youth for a changing world.



Although, programmes may be structured to suit specific needs, the generic programme roll-out is as follows:


5 x half-day sessions

No more than 15 children per session


1 x full day SESSION


It is as critical for our youth to appreciate our potential input into society. Our social responsibility will encourage all H.I.P. 5 participants to bring along unused/old toys, clothing etc. for our beneficiary, Daily Bread, who cares for abused and abandoned children. The spin off is that children will meet, interact and appreciate those less fortunate than themselves. The benefit is twofold as Daily Bread is continually in need of consumable and non-consumable goods in their efforts to make a difference!


Our venue will cater for the children - healthy snacks and refreshments will be served throughout the day

A paramedic will be on standby for the duration of the programme


Our best investment lies in developing our youth – to the benefit of future parenting, future adults and leaders, future contributors to our country and future entrepreneurs.

This programme is designed to harness the inner potential of our youth in a manner that excites and inspires. Our team is committed to a journey of growth and passionate about making a difference!

The next time one is tempted to purchase the next X-Box game, Playstation hit or cellphone fad…ask : Does this have the potential to develop, engage and empower?



Keywords: Communication Skills, kids, Leadership Training, Personal Development, workshops