Fabulous Air Revitalisers, The Guardian Angel, Solar Jar

By: Jaldene Marketing cc  09-28-2010
Keywords: children, babies, Creche

Jaldene Marketing is the distributors for Fabulous Aire - the 4-in-1 Revitalisers which Purify, Revitalise, Humidify and Refresh the air that we breath. The Guardian Angel a tiny self defense device that doesn't require competency or licencing yet disable your assailant long enough to get help or get away. The Solar Jar gives you 9-12 hours of LED light when and where you need it. Perfect for power failures, lapas, garden or a gift to those people that has everything.

Keywords: babies, children, Clean Air, Creche, Fabulous Aire, Humidifier, purifier, Revitaliser