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By: Thrive Learning Facilitation  01-20-2010
Keywords: Quality Management System, Training Providers, Assessor

Thrive Learning Facilitation will manage and facilitate the Training Provider Accreditation processes between you and your Seta.  We streamline and manage this in a sensible and cost effective way so that you get through the application as efficiently as possible. We use the quality processes to improve and formalise quality management in your organisation. This service entails all or some of the following activities:  

Quality Management System development
* Full understanding of current tacit quality management;
* Design and compilation of your Quality System, including all necessary policies and procedures required by Seta for accreditation. Thrive has developed an applicable and effective Training Quality Management System unique to our organisation. This system assists us to reflect your current tacit quality management measures, whilst still meeting Seta requirements.

Portfolio compilation
* Quality controlling company documents/policies and suggesting changes to ensure compliance with SAQA and ETQA criteria;
* Design of templates and evidence not currently in place in the organisation;
* Project planning and progress meetings;
* Liaison between Seta and the company where necessary;
* Completion and submission of the Seta application for accreditation as a Training Provider.

Registration of facilitators, assessors and moderators
* All facilitators need to be registered against the programmes they offer;
* Assessors & moderators need to be registered with the ETQA that has jurisdiction over the unit standards or qualifications that they assess.

Alignment of programmes to the NQF
* Sourcing and selection of unit standards matching current programme outcomes, content, target audience and duration;
* Alignment matrices necessary to show appropriate alignment.

Assessment pack for each short course, including:
* Assessment guide;
* Learner POE;
* Assessment report &
* Assesment review (learner & assessor).

Moderation pack for each short course, including:
* Moderation guide;
* Moderation plan;
* Moderation report.

Learner database adjustment
* Learner database evaluation and advice on ETQA compliance.

Certification policies practices
* Advice & assistance with the layout and Seta requirements for your certificate;
* Certification policies & procedures compiled, reflecting your current practices;
* Assist in the submission of the certificate & policies to Seta for approval. Seta site visit coordination and facilitation.

Making business sense of your accreditation
* How to use this stamp of approval in your marketing;
* How to ensure your frontline and sales staff are using the accreditation to maximum benefit to your organisation;
* How to offer assessment services in a sensible and cost effective way;
* Workshops and mentoring to ensure full training provider ownership of the accreditation status.

Outcome:  complete and accurate accreditation application to your ETQA, ensuring a pain-free and simplified process.

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