Missioning - The will to change

Missioning - The will to change from Missioning

By: Missioning   04-21-2011
Keywords: Missioning - The will to change

 To introduce you to my book, I would say it was the window within me, born from an exercise tool which I was given, to help me deal and cope with my addiction and issues in life.

In this book I have unwrapped my heart and soul to inspire faith and hope in the hearts of those who live closely to addicts. To give them insight of what addiction is about and tools on how to support themselves as well as their addicted loved one. For the addict the aim is to give them the hope that there is life beyond addiction. Even when we face pouring rain it is possible to get through the storms of life sober minded. By the grace of God I share how my life was transformed from death to life, from addiction to recovery.

Addiction and addiction recovery is not just a season that passes, it is not easy to deal with, but over time it can become manageable with God’s grace. Addiction is not something we can fight alone.

During my journey I also discovered and had a need to share with everyone I know, that God is who He said He is and that He can do what He said he could do. Addiction recovery is about change, and change is about freedom and that freedom has been bought for us on the Cross through Jesus Christ.

My inspiration for sharing my life story is inspired greatly by my Dad and my family that never gave up on me, Isaiah, Anneke, Bruce, Cathie, Freda, Charlotte, my home fellowship group, the dance group, some Emmaus community members and the guys from NA, who taught me to never give up by building in me the believe that where there is life there is hope, and where there is hope, we can live as conquerors. 

I hope that each reader will learn something from my mistakes and that you may join in the effort by using the tools given to try and make the battle against addiction and addiction recovery more bearable and less of a nightmare.

Keywords: Missioning - The will to change

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