Hydrotherapy - Aquatic Bodywork

Hydrotherapy - Aquatic Bodywork from Massageonthemove

By: Massageonthemove  01-24-2011
Keywords: Hydrotherapy

Aquatic bodywork is a combination of soft and deep tissue massage that takes place while floating in warm water where the body is free to  be manipulated and stretched in ways impossble on land.

The healing properties of water provide a unique serene surrounding in a weightless enviroment freeing the spine and joints through articulations and gentle manipulation.

Aquatic body work affect multiple levels - physical, emotional and pyschological.

Benefits include:

Reduces blood pressure
Decreased muscle tension
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Extends vertebral column and improves posture
Reduces acute and chronic pain
Decreases anxiety, depression and stress
Improves sleeping patterns

Treatments @ indoor heated pool, Triba wellness centre

Keywords: Hydrotherapy