Speed Branding - Speedbranding for Events

Speed Branding - Speedbranding for Events from Printed Shadenet Solutions

By: Printed Shadenet Solutions  11-18-2009
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Speed branding or speedbranding is an increasingly used term in South Africa for branding at events.  Particularly running, cycling or motor racing events where "speed" is the operative word.  Printed Shadenet Solutions provides speed branding or speedbranding in the way of printed shadecloth for sports events country wide and has a range of printed shadenet products for branding of events.

Speed branding is supplied in different colours, height and density depending on customer requirements.  The durability of printed speedbranding is unparalleled in the industry as no other substrate can match the durability and flexibility of shadenet speed branding.  Shadenet speed branding can be custom manufactured to a specific width, height and colour depending on customer requirements for minimum quanitities.  Brands or sponsors can order speedbranding from www.shadesolutions.co.za that can be supplied and stored in 50m rolls for deployment at sponsor events locally and internationally.


Competing for eyeballs and value-for-money makes speed branding an attractive branding option for event sponsors as it can be ordered in quantity and maximises the viewing by spectators and TV cameras if placed in high traffic, high viewing positions.  Speed branding is ideal for events such as Cape Epic, Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, Two Oceans, 2010 World Cup Soccer, Billabong Pro and any other outdoor events.  It is easy to rig anywhere, the background does not have to be printed as the is made to that colour and so only the logo area needs to be printed, saving the event sponsors and organisers money.

Contact Printed Shadenet Solutions www.shadesolutions.co.za for speed branding.  Speedbranding is the most impactful and convenient outdoor sport event branding product.

Keywords: printing shadecloth, Shadecloth, sports event branding,

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