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Shadenet for construction, agriculture and events from Printed Shadenet Solutions

By: Printed Shadenet Solutions  10-28-2009
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Shadenet is the most under rated textile for the agricultural, construction and event industries.  Shadenet is durable, flexible, doesn't fade or rot and easily erected at low cost.  Shadenet has come a long way from its green roots where you could have any colour as long as its green.  Shadenet now comes in a variety of densities, colours and widths.  In fact, along with our standard products, Printed Shadenet Solutions manufacture and supply shadenet in any colour, density or width for large users, be it construction shadenet, agricultural shadenet or event shadenet.


Other fabrics have struggled to compete with shadenet as an outdoor fabric. 

 PVC is heavy, not easy to rig, is not flexible, fades, and doesn't handle the harsh African weather conditions well at all.  For outdoor use, shadenet doesn't rot, stretches nicely over the structure it's fixed to, it doesn't fade for years, it doesn't tear and simple cable ties are needed to put it in place. 

The varying densities of shadenet can be chosen to suit the application - for example agricultural shadenet can let more sunlight through to facilitate optimal growth of agricultural products, event shadenet density can be chosen for opacity if you don't want people to see through it or a looser weave if you want less wind resistance.

The construction industry is fast becoming a more sophisticated user of shadenet for temporary construction fencing, perimeter fencing and scaffolding.  To improve their image and capitalise on the massive advertising opportunities in the build up to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, construction companies such as Grinaker-LTA, GVK, NMC and other are ordering custom manufacturing shadenet in their own colour, height and density to best suit their sites, significantly enhancing their image and marketability relative to other construction companies who are still using offcuts and the cheap and nasty green and blue.

Printed Shadenet Solutions can also print agricultural shadenet, event shadenet or construction shadenet to maximise company exposure.  You are deploying the shadenet anyway, so why not get some mileage out of it.  Click now for supply or manufacturing of shadenet.

Keywords: printing shadenet

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