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By: Printed Shadenet Solutions  01-13-2010
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Shadenet from Printed Shadenet Solutions is made from coloured masterbatch HDPE strands that are knitted together to form what is called shadenet, shadecloth or shade cloth.  Shadenet as it is most commonly known in Africa is a durable substrate that can be printed for branding or shadenet can be used unprinted.  The various types are agricultural shadenet, event shadenet, shadeport shadenet, construction shadenet and scaffolding shadenet.

The colour, density and width of the can vary depending on the use.  For example construction shadenet is ideally fence height (1.8m) and a low enough density to let the wind through, but high enough shadenet density that people cannot see the construction going on behind it.  Scaffolding shadenet on the other hand needs to be less dense due to the extreme weather conditions that could cause the collapsing of scaffolding structures and expose the construction or scaffolding company to liability.

When it comes to event shadenet which is often printed shadenet, the event coordinator needs to consider shadenet dense enough to produce a good print but not too dense that it doesn't let the wind through.  Rather ensure that the printed shadenet can withstand the weather conditions and give the event sponsor good exposure than it gets blown away.  Most event branding is seen from a  distance, so the image on the shadenet and the shadenet printing can be done in such a way to let the wind through but provide an impactful printed shadenet product.

Agricultural shadenet is all about the right density for optimal plant growth and width is good because it needs less seams and a lower cost of erection.

So if it is shadenet that you are looking for whether it is printed shadenet or plain shadenet, then contact Printed Shadenet Solutions now who have over 20 years experience as a shadenet manufacturer, shadenet supplier and shadenet printer.

Keywords: Shadenet Manufacturers

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