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By: Printed Shadenet Solutions  01-18-2010
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Event banners and feather banners are a simple way to get coverage at sports events and outdoor events.  they can be strategically placed to grab the attention of spectators and viewers if there is TV coverage.   Event banners and feather banners have their limitations though when it comes to serious event sponsorships where thousands and perhaps millions are invested.  More comprehensive coverage is essential in order for event sponsors to get their money back.

Printed shadenet fence wrap or fence banner gives comprehensive coverage for event sponsors and is easy for event organisers to rig.  This printed shade cloth give continuous and pervasive coverage, ensuring that spectators and viewers have a good chance of seeing the brand at least once and perhaps repetitively to imprint the message on their brain for later recall.   A strategy of continuous fence and tower branding can be further enhanced with the strategic placement of pop-up or disposable media such as feather banners and event banners.

With the amazing line-up of sports events this year, event sponsors will need to be clever with their branding and media.  For core sponsors better use can be made of the areas surrounding the venue and along walkways leading up to and surrounding the event.  Also, large areas of the stands and grass seating can be branded with fence wrap and i am amazed to see that often scaffolding towers which have excellent exposure are unbranded.

So if you are looking for effective branding, contact Printed Shadenet Solutions providers of printed shade cloth and shade cloth printing which can be further complemented with feather banners and event banners for those difficult to get to positions.  and feather banners go hand in hand with printed shade cloth fence banner for continuous branding.

Keywords: Event Banners

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