Masterflow 519

By: CONSTRUCTION COMPONENTS (PTY) Ltd t/a BASF Distribution  03-29-2015
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A cost effective pourable non-shrink grout, with good all round properties.

Keywords: Building & Construction, Building Contractors, Construction, Grout, non-settling, non-shrink, pourable,



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MasterSeal 501

A paint on capillary blocking waterproof system that operates by crystal growth. It ensures total and permanent waterproofing by becoming part of the structure. The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and interstices effectively blocks the further passage of water. Suitable for use in water tanks/towers, reservoirs, dams, canals, harbours and concrete pipes.


MasterSeal 505

MasterSeal 505 is a rapid setting, plugging mortar supplied in powder form. It requires only the addition of water and sets ion seconds. Used to plug leaks in water retaining structures, lift wells, tunnels, and underground structures.


MasterSeal 550

Acrylic reinforced cementitious paint-on, flexible waterproof coating. It provides a hard-wearing seamless, waterproof membrane for roofs, bathrooms, showers, balconies and foundation protection.


MasterSeal 588

A flexible, paint on cement based water proof coating for concrete and masonry, for internal or external use that can withstand both positive and negative water pressure.


MasterSeal 620

MasterSeal 620 is a bitumen-rubber latex emulsion which adheres well to a variety of substrates and dries to a tough black seamless, flexible damp-proof and vapour-proof membrane.


MasterProtect 300

MasterProtect 300 is a single component, elastomeric protective, waterproof and anti-carbonation coating for concrete and concrete structures.


MasterCast 141

MasterCast 141 is a SBR-latex emulsion for use with cement in the following applications: -Concrete repair -Floor screeds and toppings -External renderings -Waterproofing and tanking -Corrosion protection of steel -Wet to dry bonding agent -Increased flexibility


PVC Flakes for flooring

Tri-coloured PVC flakes for broad casting onto epoxy flooring. These flakes are then sealed off with a clear coat to give a appealing finish to what would normally be a dull mono-coloured floor.


Silicone mould making RTV Rubber 555

A two component RTV silicone material for making small intricate moulds. Ideal for detailed reproduction, it has special applications in : Art and decorations : Moulding of sculptures and statuettes Building : Decorative features Furnishings : Casting of decorations Arts and crafts : Soap and candles The product is sold in easy to use 1kg packs


Firestop Foam

Fire Stop foam is applied around pipes and conduits in commercial and residential buildings to inhibit the spread of fire to adjacent rooms should a fire break out. It meets all building codes, including ASTM E814 and E84. Its red colour makes it easy to identify.

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Mastercast 111

Masterkure 111 is an alkali compatible acrylic emulsion, specially modified for use in concrete and cement mortars. It is used in bonding repair surfacing, priming, improving washability and chemical resistance and flexibility.


MasterEmaco S5410 CL

MasterEmaco S5410 CL is a rapid setting fibre reinforced, thixotropic repair mortar. A minimum thickness of 10mm must be maintained.


MasterEmaco S750

MasterEmaco S75 is a shrinkage controlled micro-concrete for all types of structural repairs. It is suitable for repairs requires high fluidity and strength, Soffit repairs etc.


MasterEmaco S730

MasterEmaco S73 is a thixotropic fibre reinforced, polymer repair mortar, suitable for structural and masonary repairs.


MasterBrace 1414

MasterBrace 1414 is a permanent epoxy adhesive for internal or external bonding of renderings and concrete to concrete. A wet to dry epoxy bonding system for structural repair systems, cementitious floor repairs etc