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Posters are an effective outdoor marketing medium most commonly used by events management companies and companies of the same nature to advertise events and other happenings.

The reason for this phenomenon is that posters are a short lived outdoor marketing medium that has to grab the reader with catchy photos and/or marketing slogans because they are usually viewed on the pass by and not for intensive reading.

Posters are a great way to communicate with your target audience but the design and lay-out must be carefully thought through.

Posters most often only carry the most important information such as what, when and where the event is taking place. Posters are usually printed in large fonts that are easily readable from a distance and are cryptically written to ensure that the reader gets as much of the important information as possible at a glance. For this reason large photos or colorful captions are inserted to be able to catch the reader's eye and keep it there long enough in order to convey the entire message.

Professionally designed posters can make the difference between a prospective client attending your event, in many cases spend the money required for the entrance ticket and even on consumables and curious available the evening.

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