Hatboxes then and now - the perfect gift box through the ages

By: The Packaging Source - Because Gift Packaging is Personal  11-17-2008
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In the years gone by when stately ladies used to wear big elaborate hats, they used to wear them with pride and dignity.

These hats were treasured possessions and could not simply be put down anywhere or let lie. They had to be stored in special containers that would ensure no harm would come to them. For this reason, and also for when they needed to transport the hats, the ladies put them in beautifully decorated and fashionable hat boxes. Hat boxes are still very popular to this day, but for totally different reasons.These days hat boxes or round boxes as they are also known, are very popular to use as gift boxes to package gifts, and are often kept after a gift has been received in them. The hatboxes are then used to store a wide variety of keepsakes and trinkets.

Used as gift boxes, hat boxes can be decorated and covered with gift-wrap or textured paper to give it a festive or classic look. Hatboxes normally consist of a base and a lid, but you could also add a handle to the lid for easy carry and storage. Another great idea for a box in a round shape is to use it as a gift box for giving wine or liquor! Make the hatbox taller in height and the diameter narrower and viola, a pretty wine bottle box. What better way to give a gift that will be remembered not only for what was inside the gift box, but also for the gift box it came in!How about this idea: Use the hatbox for a base or centrepiece on a table and do a flower arrangement in it.

Use little hatboxes at kids’ parties for their party packs (think of a mad hatter’s tea party theme)Decorate your hatbox with ribbon, tie it around the base of the box, or attach it to the lid. This way the lid can still open without the recipient having to remove the ribbon.Whatever way you want to decorate your hatbox, it still remains a great way to store your keepsakes, and it will always be a feminine and fashionable item in the gift packaging industry. Women love the shape of a round gift box.

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