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By: Telltec  11-11-2011

Due to the experience gained on the African continent Telltec is able to supply products that are both robust and reliable enough to survive the environmental and social conditions unique to the African continent. Telltec has forged selected relationships with chosen sub-contractors and manufacturers within the Telecommunications market. Criteria of the choice been uncompromising quality and excellent turn-around times. A very important aspect of Telltec's product supply is the know-how and means of delivering these products to often unserviced and remote destinations. Our experience gained in customs clearing protocol allows streamlined and hassle free delivery of goods to their final destination. Most of the goods are shipped in kit form to ease the freight logistical problems and therefore costs.

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11-11-2011 - Microwave

Microwaves were first used to transmit across long distances that were difficult to wire, however microwave signals travel in straight lines and can be interrupted by obstructions and therefore the transmission path needs to be clear. Suitable receiving antennas, high-sensitivity receivers and suitable processing units to monitor the received electromagnetic radiation from the observed regions essentially constitute microwave radiometers.