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By: Telltec  11-11-2011
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Telltec can design, supply and install Microwave transmission systems.

Microwaves were first used to transmit across long distances that were difficult to wire, however microwave signals travel in straight lines and can be interrupted by obstructions and therefore the transmission path needs to be clear.

Microwave communication requires line-of-sight, point-to-point communication. The terrain determines the frequency of repeater stations. Care must be taken in the system design to ensure freedom from obstacles. In addition, links must be kept free of future constructions that could obstruct the link. Suitable receiving antennas, high-sensitivity receivers (i.e. low noise amplifier) and suitable processing units to monitor the received electromagnetic radiation from the observed regions essentially constitute microwave radiometers. Microwave systems operate between 1.5 and 50 Ghz and have the ability to achieve distances of up to 60 mi. (100 Km) at a cost effective price, however, when transmitting over shorter distances, 1.2 mi. (2 Km) or below, they lose their cost-effectiveness. Most major telecommunications companies utilize microwave systems for the transmission of telephone communications, facsimile transmission, as well as video and data.

Keywords: microwave

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Due to the experience gained on the African continent Telltec is able to supply products that are both robust and reliable enough to survive the environmental and social conditions unique to the African continent. A very important aspect of Telltec's product supply is the know-how and means of delivering these products to often unserviced and remote destinations.