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By: Signify Software  11-11-2011
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The aim of Signify HR is to assist you in the management of the complete life cycle of employees in your organisation. The employee life cycle starts when a vacant position is identified in your Organisational Structure and an employee is appointed. Subsequent to the appointment, the employee will be involved in a series of processes such as:


  • Job Profiling
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Learning & Development
  • Industrial Relations
  • Compliance & Legislative
  • Processes

The Signify Human Resource Management System enables you to manage all these processes from beginning to end. The solution was designed in a modular approach which allows you to purchase only the modules you require, but also allowing you the option of activating additional modules as and when you require. The complete solution is web based and users require only an Internet Browser to access all the functionality.

Employee Management Module

Forming the foundation of the Signify HR solution, the Employee Management Module enables you to manage the Human Resource portfolio of the employees in your organisation. It serves as the central point of the Employee Life Cycle management process and is a prerequisite for the other modules in the Signify HR solution.

    You have the option of three versions of this module:
  • Foundation version
  • Classic version
  • Enterprise version

Employment Equity and Skills Development Module

The Employment Equity Act and Skills Development Act require your organisation to submit status reports (such as EEA2, EEA4 and SETA reports) on an annual basis. The Signify HR Employment Equity and Skills Development Modules enable you to generate these reports in the shortest possible time with minimum manipulation required. A data integrity checker assists you in identifying possible gaps in the data used in these reports.

Organisations that employ FAIS representatives are required to maintain a FAIS representative register and to send changes on the status of representatives to the Financial Services Board (FSB) on a regular basis. The Signify HR FAIS Management module will assist you in the maintenance of the FAIS register, as well as determining if certain fit and proper requirements are met.Prerequisites: This module requires the installation of any version of the Employee Management Module.

Learning Management System (LMS)

   •  e-Learning Module
•  Training Scheduling & Event Management

Our extensive experience in the learning field enabled Signify to develop an advanced Learning Management System with functionality ranging from the management of general training and qualification records to advanced scheduling of training events and the deployment of SCORM compliant e-learning content. Prerequisites: This module requires the installation of any version of the Employee Management Module.

Performance Management Module

The Signify Performance Management Module (SPM) forms a structured and objective foundation for managing and improving employee performance by aligning individual objectives with overall company strategy. Although a Performance Management process can consist of a few basic actions that must be completed at certain intervals, managing such a process, even for a small company, can require a considerable managerial effort. SPM is the ideal automated solution that will simplify this process, and with the help of powerful reporting, will assist you to manage the process with ease. Employees can be empowered to create and maintain their own performance contracts. Prerequisites: This module requires the installation of any version of the Employee Management Module.

Each job profile in your organisation has specific requirements in terms of required competencies, qualifications, training, outputs, etc. With the Job Profiling module you can easily compile a complete profile for each job or position and assign the applicable employee to the position. Prerequisites: This module requires the installation of any version of the Employee Management Module.

Keywords: Employee Management, human resource, Human Resource Management, Job Profiling, Performance Management