Products and Services

By: Scienceware  11-11-2011

Products and Services

      Industrial Machine Interfacing – Hard- and Software Development

o       X-Ray Machines

o       Furnaces

o       Road Aggregate Testing Machines

(CBR, UCS and Marshall Machines)

      Scientific Programming

o       Programming according to user specification

o       Programming Language to user preference

      Data Analysis

Statistical and custom data analysis on very large data basis

      Road Survey Systems – Hard- and Software Development

Existing systems include the following:

o       Road Roughness measurements using:

§         Bump Integrator (Cable or Laser)

§         Selcom Laser equipment

§         LVDT

§         Accelerometer Systems

o       Road Rutting Measurements using:

§         Rutbar with an array of Selcom Lasers

§         Rutbar with an array of Ultrasonic sensors

§         Angled Selcom Lasers

o       GPS data (up to 100mm accuracy)

o       Grade, Cross fall and Heading

o       Micro texture measurements

o       High Quality Video Capturing

      Data Representation

o       User defined graphics

o       User defined outputs (Printer, pdf, etc.)

o       Survey Data overlaid on Scaled Video

      Caddie Programming

o       User Defined Programming

      GIS Programming

o       User Defined Programming