RTT Partnering in Logistics

By: RTT  12-08-2011

RTT Essentials - Our Services

RTT company philosophy goes beyond productivity merely as a notion of processing merchandise.

By offering a service of stock management and stock control, we remove the need for manufacturers to invest in warehouses, security, stock control systems and management to control their stock.

RTT Essentials’ key criteria is based on solid principals that include:

  • Service Level Measurements - Monitoring of order sequence and date ordered vs. date received.

  • Invoicing Accuracy - Level of saleable and unsalable returns and price adjustment credits

  • Stock Accuracy - Physical vs. theoretical, picking differences, lost sales and SCS theoretic vs. client theoretical

Through our dedicated computerised warehouse management systems, speed ordering and packing procedures, we are able to facilitate fast stock turnaround, product freshness and minimal inventory, whilst providing details for management information.

The key criteria are cost efficiency, speed, reliability, flexibility and innovation.

Representing South Africa’s foremost food, pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers, we take pride in our eminent product mix.