Steelhead Wide Area Network Optimization

By: Riverbed  11-11-2011
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Data Center, Data Transfer

Steelhead® products from Riverbed Technology speed application performance and data transfer over the wide area network. These award-winning products overcome both bandwidth and latency problems to deliver the highest performance available on the market today. Steelhead appliances, Steelhead Mobile client software, and Virtual Steelhead™ work for companies of all sizes. Unlike other vendors’ offerings, Steelhead products from Riverbed go beyond simply offering Wide Area Network Optimization to help make your IT infrastructure run faster, better, and more securely — in the data center, at a branch office, on a worker’s laptop, and in public and private clouds.

With Steelhead products, you can meet the demand for anywhere-anytime access and improve user satisfaction, while lowering operational overhead and expenses.

Steelhead products from Riverbed®

  • Accelerate the broad range of applications businesses care about most, including file sharing (CIFS and NFS), Exchange (MAPI), Lotus Notes, web (HTTP- and HTTPS-based applications), database (MS SQL and Oracle), and disaster recovery (EMC SRDF and FCIP) applications, using a range of application protocol-specific features that are unique to Riverbed
  • Cut bandwidth usage, typically by 60- 95 percent, allowing you to defer expensive upgrades
  • Offer real-time visibility into application and WAN performance, so you can use applications and resources more efficiently and effectively
  • Optimize performance while maintaining security to help you meet audit, compliance regulations, and other security requirements
  • Deploy in minutes without changes to applications, users, routers, or IT infrastructure
  • Integrate easily and seamlessly into the most complex environments
  • Scale to hundreds of sites with any-to-any connectivity; support tens of thousands of users on one device

With Riverbed Virtual Steelhead appliances, WAN optimization now extends to deployments where physical hardware may not be conveniently suited. Military deployments typically use ruggedized custom hardware, on which running a virtual machine is more convenient. Space-limited scenarios, such as mobile news vans or construction trailers may also require a form factor that is free from the physical limitations of hardware appliances.

The Virtual Steelhead appliance can be managed by industry standard virtualization tools such that it fits seamlessly into fully virtualized data center environments, where interoperability with existing management infrastructure is a must have. While targeted specifically for the above mentioned scenarios, Virtual Steelhead appliances can also be deployed as a cluster in order to scale to data center environments.

Keywords: Data Center, Data Transfer, Disaster Recovery, Management Infrastructure, Riverbed Technology, Steelhead Appliance, Wan Optimization, Wide Area Network,

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Products & Services

With Riverbed, enterprises can successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance. Application acceleration, WAN bandwidth optimization, and IT consolidation Riverbed Technology delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise.


What's New | Steelhead WAN Optimization

Release 3.0 of the Interceptor appliance supports WCCP/PBR directly, which greatly simplifies configuration changes required on a router and eliminates the need to retrain network staff with a new deployment paradigm. Interceptor appliances can also be deployed using multiple in-path links, in series, or in parallel, so that they can be used in the same highly available and redundant configurations that Steelhead appliances can.


Steelhead Mobile | Products & Services

Steelhead Mobile is built with the same Riverbed Optimization System software that powers the Steelhead appliance, and provides the same optimizations and benefits that dramatically improve performance and minimizes bandwidth utilization. Steelhead Mobile overcomes the challenges that plague mobile workers, including variable locations, inconsistent links, and high-latency environments, and it does so seamlessly and transparently.


virtual steelhead

The Virtual Steelhead appliance can be managed by industry standard virtualization tools to fit seamlessly into fully virtualized data center environments where interoperability with existing management infrastructure is a must-have. Space-limited scenarios, such as mobile news vans or construction trailers, may also require a form factor that is free from the physical limitations of hardware appliances.


Cloud Steelhead Cloud-intelligent WAN Optimization

The Cloud Steelhead Discovery Agent simplifies the way in which WAN optimization can be integrated into the highly automated, virtualized environments of the cloud where the physical location of a company’s server might change at any time.


Central Management Console | Steelhead WAN Optimization

Deploying, configuring, updating, and monitoring are all done through one web-based interface.Virtual Appliance: The CMC-VE is a software-only version of the CMC that provides the full range of capabilities but is designed to run as a virtualized service on VMware platforms in private cloud environments.


Interceptor | Steelhead WAN Optimization

With the Interceptor appliance, enterprises can scale their WAN optimization solutions to support hundreds of thousands of end users across the enterprise, and scale up to optimize very-high-bandwidth network connections in the data center.