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By: Red Mercury  11-11-2011
Keywords: Software Development, Business Integration

Red Mercury Software specialises in the design and development of solutions based on the .NET Platform from Microsoft. Red Mercury Software currently provides architecture services for the design of Software as a Service (SaaS), Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) and business integration solutions. Our team has extensive experience in architecture and has designed several business critical systems specialising in the following key domains.

Designing and developing .Net applications require various skills and the integration of various technologies. Gone are the days of 1-Tier, 2-Tier, and even simple 3-Tier applications. Applications require various interfaces and need to communicate with different technologies on different platforms. Our team of experts specialises in architecting solutions with security in mind, using role base security techniques, implementing and connecting to multiple simultaneous data sources using a scalable business layer being able to adapt to your business. Legislative and industry standards depict how systems should be designed and require the systems to ensure full capability of data retention and auditing even when the requirement is not defined by the client. Our team has experience in knowing what is required from a client even when the requirements are unclear and can make use of technologies and techniques such as workflow, database transformation, data mining, database integrity, integration into the enterprise monitoring solution, power aware systems, web services, application and virtualisation by using the latest version of the .Net Framework (version 3.5). These are the skills that our team can bring to your .Net Application development.

.NET Software Product Development

Product development requires more than just writing code, product development requires the ongoing management of the various parties, technologies and processes involved. This requires the skills of various people from project managers, business analysts, system analysts, developers, testers, architects and database administrators.

Red Mercury will follow the correct software development life cycle (SDLC) for your project. Because not all projects are alike, and cannot be managed using a single standard life cycle model. Rapid application development and prototyping requires different life cycle models then those used by enterprise product development.

The cost of implementing a change exponentially increases as the project progresses and such cost equate to more than 90% of the original development costs. The correct software development life cycle model will ensure that maintenance and support costs are kept to a minimal. And any change can be managed with as little impact as possible. The Red Mercury Software team has the knowledge and skill to manage your project correctly and efficiently, ensuring reduced costs, time to market, maintenance and support. This can also be done by ensuring maintenance and support tasks are automated.

.NET Integration

More often product development requires the integration into third party solutions. These include integration into our company’s HR, payroll, intranet or portal solution as well as any solution currently running in our environment. Red Mercury Software has the knowledge to integrate any new development into your existing software solution by using the .NET framework and the third party application programming interface (API). Red Mercury Software has worked on numerous integration projects including integration into HR systems and Visual studio itself.

Red Mercury Software has developed solutions that interface with embedded devices such as network devices, generators, uninterruptible power supplies, air conditioners and other devices capable of communicating using the SNMP protocol.

Windows Management Interface (WMI) is a sub component of ACPI which allows software to communicate with the low level devices in a computer. WMI is used on Windows computers whereas ACPI is used on non Windows computers. Interfacing with WMI or ACPI enables software to be power aware or presence aware. Using all the technologies available Red Mercury Software is able to deliver an industrial strength product according to your needs and specifications.

Keywords: Business Integration, Software Development

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