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By: Prosperous Tours CC  01-30-2009

Has South Africa hosted big events before?
South Africa regularly hosts major international sporting events, and since 1994 has successfully managed some of the biggest - including the 1995 Rugby World Cup, the 2003 Cricket World Cup, the Women's World Cup of Golf (2005-08), and the only street race in the A1 GP World Cup of Motorsport (2006-). But the Fifa Football World Cup, the world's biggest single-code sporting event - in terms of television audience, bigger than the Olympic Games - is in a class of its own. For four weeks starting on 9 June 2010, South Africa will be the centre of the world. The 2006 World Cup in Germany was the most extensively viewed event in television history. South Africa 2010 will draw even bigger audiences. The eyes of billions of television viewers, millions of international visitors and the cream of the world's sporting media will be focused on the southern tip of Africa. We don't aim to disappoint.

Who are Bafana Bafana?
Our national football team is known as Bafana Bafana - "the boys, the boys" in isiZulu. The nickname comes from the fans' cry that went up during the team's triumph at the 1996 African Nations Cup (also hosted in South Africa). Since the end of apartheid and South Africa's sporting isolation, Bafana Bafana have twice qualified - in 1998 and 2002 - for the Fifa World Cup. What's the difference between football and soccer?Nothing. While the game is largely known as football in Europe, in the former British colonies - including South Africa, the US and Australia - it's called soccer (from the British Football Association, best known for the FA Cup).

What's a vuvuzela?
Some would say it's South Africa's national musical instrument. It's a big plastic trumpet, brightly coloured, and is blown with gusto by all fans at every football match in the country. The sound it makes is something between the bellow of a constipated elephant and the buzzing of a giant swarm of baritone bees, but South Africans like it.

Where are the games being played?
2010 Fifa World Cup matches will be held in 10 stadiums: two in Johannesburg and one in each of the other eight host cities. Together, the 10 stadiums will host 64 matches and seat more than 570 000 people during the course of tournament. Five of the 10 are existing stadiums, which are being upgraded, with Soccer City - venue of the opening and final match - undergoing a major upgrade. The other five stadiums are being built from scratch.

Should I come even if I can't get tickets?
Of course! The 2010 tournament is guaranteed to be, as South Africans say, a jol (a party). As in Germany in 2006, public viewing areas with giant screens will be set up. And you can always watch the tournament and get to know the locals at our numerous pubs, restaurants and sports bars.

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