kitchen niemann board

By: Palmin  11-11-2011

Niemann Board: The Niemann range of doors is available in a high gloss laminated board imported from Germany. The laminate is applied to an mdf substrate. This option is far superior to the duco range of high gloss doors and is available in a variety of solid, metallic and wood grain colours. Niemann boards are perfect to complement a two tone effect kitchen.

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We offer the following services to clients requiring a kitchen, built-in cupboards or vanities. An extensive product range manufactured in our factories at competitive prices. On site consultation with the client to measure area and design layout. Palmin Kitchens is a level 100% BBBEE Contributor and Owned company. 3D illustrated drawings to show what the design will look like. Detailed plans depicting layout of kitchen.



Vinyl wrap is a protective and attractive finish for kitchen doors that is done with a method of vacuum pressing a plastic decorative foil onto a moulded MDF (i.e. supawood) board. Various options of profiles and foil colours are available to mix and match. Profiles add character to a door if one is not happy with a square look.



Semi-Solid (Venice Doors): A semi solid door also known as a venice door comprises of a solid wooden frame with a veneer panel insert. This gives the illusion of a solid wooden door and the contrast of the two surfaces creates an exclusive look.