30 Amp Battery Charger

30 Amp Battery Charger from P. B. Enterprises cc

By: P. B. Enterprises cc  04-04-2010
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 30 Amp Battery Charger (with Generator Charging Amplification)  
- Powerful Battery Charging (From 220V AC at home, or small Camping Generator)
- Intelligent 3-Stage Battery Charging (Including Automatic Over / Under Charge Control)
- Current Meter (View battery charging rate in Amp/hr)
- 30 Amp Units re-charge up to 3x Batteries Simultaneously (3x 105.A.h. - 110A.h. each)
- Generator Amplification Function (Increase generator battery charging to up to 30 Amp/hr!)  
- Dual Function Monitor with Low Battery Capacity Alarm
- 12 V DC Outputs (Supply 12 V DC power to freezer, lights, water pump, and external auxiliary plugs)
- Triple-Bar Multifunction Monitor & Control System (Full Control Panel, Monitoring System)
- Battery Box Kit & Accessories (See Battery Box Kits)
- Power Inverter, Pure Sine (Run Notebooks, & other sensitive 220V AC appliances)
- Features can be customized according to customer specific needs or specifications  
- MacroMaxi Split Charging System (Charging of auxiliary batteries in trailer while driving)
- Auxiliary Batteries (Deep Cycle of 105 Ah)

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