Model Maker Modules

By: Model Maker Systems  11-11-2011

Module 8


A horizontal alignment defined using module 3, giving the following data for each point of intersection

(PI):   Name ,  Y & Z co-ordinate  ,  curve radius  ,  transition lengths starting and ending the curve.

This module can now be used to obtain all the curve information - BC, EC peg distance, curve length, as setting out data - distance and direction - from specified set-up stations.

Other products and services from Model Maker Systems


Road Maker

Final cross-section and long-section drawings can be plotted directly to a plotter, plotfile or various CAD data exchange ASCII formats. Data can be extracted from a tacheometric survey within MODEL MAKER and can be exported to ROAD MAKER or it can be typed in manually. Volumes can be calculated between a ground cross-section group and the design profile or between any two ground cross-section groups.


Pipe Maker

Ground long-section data can be extracted from tacheometric survey data using MODEL MAKER or it can be input manually. Long sections for the design of pipe lines can be created by using the design options available in PIPE MAKER. Long-sectional drawings can be plotted directly to a plotter, plotfile or various CAD data exchange formats.


Survey Maker

Survey Maker is a program dedicated to the survey field, which includes solutions for the land surveyor, engineering surveyor, surface and underground mining surveyor, geodetic surveyor and hydro-surveyor. This program is a new addition to the range of software developed by Model Maker Systems and currently undergoing many development changes as users request enhancements.


Irrigation Design System

With the addition of an irrigation design module during 1998 it is now the only software package available that provides the user with user-friendly and well supported functions for DTM, CAD and Irrigation design in one package. Today the MODEL MAKER digital terrain modelling software package is well known and widely used nationally in South Africa and internationally in the fields of land survey, engineering, mining and construction.