By: Mine Solutions  11-11-2011

Mine Solutions offers a number of services in the following areas

Mine Solutions endeavours to reach the global user base of Surpac Vision users to expose available third-party extension products and to provide a service that allows users to research, download and trial products. This is achieved through the web site, marketing campaigns, recommendations, and face to face contact via a global network of resellers.

The Surpac product range for many years has allowed users to customise its operation from its packaged form to solve specific and complex problems. The introduction of Tcl as the scripting language in Surpac Vision has allowed many power users to produce some intricate and complex programs.

Mine Solutions provides an avenue for these 'part time' developers to commercialise their developments and provide valuable expertise to the global market. Mine Solutions provide expertise to improve the quality of code and generally commercialise the development by quality assuring the code, adding security and copyright protection, wrapping the product into an easy to use installer, and finally marketing through the available channels.

vComp Pty Ltd offers a number of classroom workshops to help you unlock the power of the Tcl/Scl scripting language in Surpac Vision. The following courses are currently on offer:

  • Getting Started with Surpac Vision Macros - An introduction to Tcl/Scl
  • Practical Macro Techniques for Vision Users - An intermediate course in Tcl/Scl
  • Working with Vision Data Structures and Graphics - Advanced Tcl/Scl
  • Creating Robust Portable Macros for Vision users - Advanced Tcl/Scl
  • Interfacing with Excel and Word - Advanced Tcl/Scl
  • High Level Guido Forms - Advanced Tcl/Scl

Other products and services from Mine Solutions



The Plot Spooler & Spooler Pro applications allow you to queue plot jobs so than can be plotted in one operation without the need to manually send each job through to the plotter. The Surpac Command Centre provides an integrated easy to use system for Surpac Minex Group software products to organise their use and administration on a computer.


RINGking Brochure

RINGking DB is a stand alone data management facility which stores all of your ring design including collar, elements, intercepts, string data, etc. RINGking DB also includes a full set of reporting and plotting tools to assist with communicating with your drilling operators and the production of summary statistics for given reporting periods.