RINGking Brochure

By: Mine Solutions  11-11-2011

Seeking more cost effective ring design?

The process of designing production rings for underground operations is critical for maintaining production however it is usually labour intensive and time-consuming. The RINGking system can change this situation. RINGking is a comprehensive Design and Management tool for the creation of production drill and blast plans which can significantly reduce the time required to design production rings - reducing errors and enabling the drill and blast engineer to spend more time implementing the plans. The system comprises both a Surpac Vision Interface (RINGking Vision), and a relational database (RINGking DB).

RINGking Vision contains a number of enhancements to Surpac's native ring design module. Some of the new developments include an easy to use section extraction procedure, automatic rig placement algorithm, toe spacing / charging template, previous ring design template, collar mark-up plan plot, and many other features.

RINGking DB is a stand alone data management facility which stores all of your ring design including collar, elements (grade, sg, burden, etc), intercepts (faults, voids, etc), string data, etc. RINGking DB also includes a full set of reporting and plotting tools to assist with communicating with your drilling operators and the production of summary statistics for given reporting periods.

What it does

RINGking Vision

  1. Step by step procedures for slicing survey and stope design DTM's in real world coordinates
  2. Grade calculations using existing block model or by direct assignment
  3. Suite of specialised tools to allow users to easily create designs for every ring including collar and charge designs
  4. Ability to save collar and charge data directly to the database


  1. View all of the ring data including all collar, string, charging and intercept details as well as a 3-D graphical view of the design
  2. Ability to enter actual drilling and charging data against designs
  3. Detailed summary view for each ring, drive or the entire stope
  4. Full reporting tool to print ring design plans for drill operators including graphical view for any ring or a range of rings / drives
  5. Summary reports collating data for periods by stope and drive
  6. Exporting collar positions to popular data recorders

Many more features are included in both aspects of the application and have been included at the direct request of existing clients using the system on a daily basis.

Benefits of RINGking

  • Reduces the time spent by production engineers to formulate underground ring designs. By employing the range of tools and in-built procedures the time spent on ring design can be dramatically reduced.
  • Reduces the risk of errors by formulating reports suited to customisable Rigs using either collar, pivot or reference line offsets
  • Ability to visualise the design at each phase will increase the ability of the engineers to understand and validate the complex set of inputs that make up the ring design process

There are many more benefits of the system including a comprehensive support platform and training facilities to ensure your personnel quickly gain the ability to use the application and all its benefits.

RINGking Vision Features

Extract sections and stopes

An automated section extraction from solid model procedure that includes the ability to assign grades from a block model or by direct assignment of a specified average grade. The extracted sections are saved using real world coordinates.

Template Holes

A design from a previous ring can be recalled as a template design for the current ring. The template holes can be easily removed at any point without affecting the design which is a problem using native Surpac Vision tools.

Toe Spacing Template

A template circle with a radius that represents the desired toe spacing can be displayed. The circle includes a diameter line that is positioned perpendicular to the hole on the toe. The circle may be dragged along the length of a hole to facilitate the correct perpendicular offset from one hole toe to another hole.

Create Markup Plan

Creates a ring mark up plan showing collar locations, pivot points and reference point together with the drill drive back string for up holes or floor string for down holes.

Automatic Rig Placement

A time saving feature that automatically places the rig when moving between sections rather than having to manually select its position as is required in native Surpac Vision

Ring Design or Cable Bolt/Sludge Hole design

The system can be used for either ring design or for the design of cable bolts and sludge holes

Viewing Planes

A useful tool to aid in understanding the data that allows easy viewing of a narrow strip of data by defining the depth to, and width of a pair of parallel planes which trim away data either side of the planes. It is easier to ensure that the clipping planes are positioned precisely on an Elevation, Easting or Northing or interest than in native Surpac Vision.


The RINGking Vision profile includes many other features such as context sensitive defaults and more logical layout of menus, toolbars and forms that enhance the native ring design module of Surpac Vision making the whole design option easier to use.

RINGking DB Features

Fully relational Microsoft Access Database

All data is stored in a relational Access database and can be retrieved through the program interface at any time. The database is the formal storage for all ring design data. The database can store as many stopes, drives and rings as are required or you may set-up various database to hold ring designs for discreet mining areas.

Explorer style interface

The program interface employees an explorer style window that allows easy access to all ring data within the database. The explorer contains a tree view that categorises stopes, drives and rings. For each ring the data can be easily accessed including collar, charge, production and summary data.

3-D Graphical Viewer

The graphics viewer displays all data pertaining to one ring in "real world" coordinates within its 3 dimensional graphical engine. Rings can be viewed from any angle, zoom functionality's and switching "on plane" or "mirror on plane" are just some of the features to make the visualisation of data easier.

Automatic or Manual Breakthrough

The system can accurately determine whether or not designed collars will break through surveyed openings but at any stage these can be manually set at the users discretion. Reported data can then indicate whether or not proposed drilling will or will not break through.

Actual vs. Designed data

The system allows for the data entry of actual drilling and charge data. Toolbar buttons can be used to copy design data to the "actual" screens. Reporting tools can then compare actual versus designed data for any reporting period. The system contains a spreadsheet style data entry grid with a full range of editing tools including copy & paste. In built data validation ensures that data entered is accurate from the very beginning.


The system can export data to a range of outputs, including string files, popular data recorders for survey mark outs and excel spreadsheet.



The system can be customised on several levels ensuring that it meets the specific needs of your mine site. RINGking can be customised to suit different types of rigs, explosive types/densities and elements that contain the data specific to your type of ore body.

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