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Product FAQ

Will Mine Solutions Products affect Surpac Vision?

All Mine Solutions products are bundled into a professional installation script that allows them to be later removed via the add/remove programs option of the Windows Control Panel. Once installed on your system the products will not interfere with the normal working of Surpac Vision.

What about Support and Maintenance?

Do prices included relevant taxes?

All prices on the site are quoted in Australian dollars and are inclusive of all relevant local taxes and export duties. Promotional offers are normally listed on the home page and these special prices will be used when appropriate.

Product Listings


FlexiSurv is a suite of programs to improve and streamline common tasks performed by underground surveyors in Surpac Vision. The suite includes functions for generating laser offsets, extending/inserting lasers, producing survey memos, creating drive profiles, caclulating overbreak and underbreak, generation of wire frame from level pickups, and more.

price: AU$3575
lastest release: V1.11 11-June-2011


Decline Design allows underground engineers to simply and easily create four decline paths in seconds. The product greatly reduces the time and effort required to produce decline paths

with Surpac Vision's present tools. Simply specify parameters for arc size, curve and path gradient, select the start and end points and the paths are generated for you.

price: AU$1485
lastest release: V2.03 12-My-2010


Dimensions allows mining engineers and surveyors to easily insert dimensions lines into any surpac data. The product is distributed with special purpose plotting entities to enable quality

to be produced. Presently this can only be done by exporting to DXF and inserting dimensions lines in a CAD package.

price: AU$495
lastest release: V1.03 30-Sep-03

Modelling Tools

Assists with the construction of a wire frame model between two segments that may be dissimilar in shape or may be separated by some distance. Also can be used to create a perfect centerline

between the segments that define the edges of a road or drive.

price: AU$1375
lastest release: V1.03 28-Feb-08

Plot Spooler & Spooler Pro

The Plot Spooler & Spooler Pro applications allow you to queue plot jobs so than can be plotted in one operation without the need to manually send each job through to the plotter. Spooler Pro includes advanced features such as a quick plot previewer to assist with finding

and plotting the correct job, options to pause for delays between sending jobs and to delay after a group of plots to assist with plot nesting (stacking). The Plot Spooler application is provided free

Spooler Pro: AU$250
Plot Spooler: Free
lastest release: V1.01 30-Sep-03


RINGking Vision comprises a suite of functions which expands the use of the current ring design module in Surpac Vision. The product includes an interface to RINGking DB for complete data management by a fully relation database system.

RINGking DB is a relational database that stores all aspects of the design such as stope, drive, and rings in real world coordinates. The database operates independently of Surpac and allows you to interact with each ring's collar details, add element, SG, and burden

values, insert geological/geotechnical logging, edit charge information (allows multiple stemming) inserted by RINGking Vision and graphically view the ring design with hole charging.

price: AU$9900
lastest release: V5.12 27-May-11

Surpac Command Centre

The Surpac Command Centre (SCC) provides an integrated easy to use system for Surpac Minex Group (SMG) software products to organise their use and administration on a computer. These products include Surpac Vision, XPLORpac, Quarry, Minesched, and others. The SCC administers both network license classes provided by the SMG license

manager (SSIlm) and also standalone licenses locked to a particular security device (sentinel).

price: AU$275
lastest release: V1.07 3-March-05

The Surpac Command Centre has multiple purchase bundles as follows:

5 Licenses Cost per license AU$220.00 AU$1100
10 licenses Cost per license AU$192.50 AU$1925
15 licenses Cost per license AU$165.00 AU$2475
15 + licenses Cost per license < AU$165.00 AU$2475 + AU$137.50 per extra license

System Tools

System Tools is collection of visual editors that allow the everyday Surpac user to leverage tricks usually restricted to the realm of the power user. Easily manage your system logical definitions, your command alias files to define your own shortcut commands, setup your keyboard function

keys to be hotkey shortcuts. Create and use range files for those complicated non uniform ranges. Use logicals to create portable ddb files.

price: Free
lastest release: V1.01 30-Sep-03


Tailings Deposition is a modelling application that automates the estimation of tailings deposition for a given basin, dam, and discharge point (spigot) configuration. This application greatly

reduces the amount of time required to design and model a tailings fill plan. The application will calculate total volume for an individual cycle.

price: AU$3850
lastest release: Version 2.08 15-Jan-09
The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

Keywords: License, Mining Engineers

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Mine Solutions endeavours to reach the global user base of Surpac Vision users to expose available third-party extension products and to provide a service that allows users to research. Mine Solutions provides an avenue for these 'part time' developers to commercialise their developments and provide valuable expertise to the global market. Getting Started with Surpac Vision Macros - An introduction to Tcl/Scl.


RINGking Brochure

RINGking DB is a stand alone data management facility which stores all of your ring design including collar, elements, intercepts, string data, etc. RINGking DB also includes a full set of reporting and plotting tools to assist with communicating with your drilling operators and the production of summary statistics for given reporting periods.