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It is that time of the year already and we are all stations go with our new and exciting Easter Hamper ! (Please see attached).

The hamper contents are packed in a beautiful re-usable cardboard bag. The design is really up-market, gives a great impression and a lovely Easter feeling.

The hamper contains sixteen products:

·         Two family sharing products - a new concept to the Hamper.

One is a box of sixteen delicious marshmallow bunnies, each individually wrapped. 

The other is a bag of mallow filled wafer cups cakes….topped with chocolate and a couple of mini sugar coated eggs:.

·         Ten gifts

Two trays of candy coated milk chocolate eggs. A trio of milk chocolate eggs 3.Three candy coated eggs with feet (such a lovely new product!) 4. A chocolate hen with four candy coated eggs 5.A milk chocolate bunny 6. Two milk chocolate egg treats. 7. Two chocolate money wallets (also a brand new product which the children are going to love).

·         Four inter active products

These are all new.  There are two hot chocolate drink sachets.  Here, you get a chocolate bunny pop which you stir into the milk. Once melted, you get some mallow bunnies to pop on top of the drink ( so decadent!) Then there is a barbeque bunny which includes eight mallow bunnies and milk chocolate drops.  You melt the chocolate and dip the bunnies into it, like a fondue!

We’ve supplied the equivalent of plastic icing to make your own bunny – with instructions. 

Also a sugar coated egg and instructions on how to make a chicken. 

The children are going to have so much fun with this new hamper!

The hampers are going to be available from Friday 22 February 2013 and you can order in to show prospective buyers.

As stocks are limited, please get your orders in early as the factory works strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Please remember to deposit your money, or do an EFT at least two days prior to receiving your order.  No orders will be considered without payment.

The Hampers are packed five in a case and retail at R250 each    


The Mallows are packed twelve in a case and retail at R70 each

There are two colours of mallow dispensers in a case brown and blue.  There is absolutely no difference between the two, just a difference for variety. The mallows are ice cream flavoured and wrapped in labeled wrappers.  There are four flavours, peppermint, strawberry, vanilla and bubblegum.  The mallow dispenser opens up and is gravity fed – a nice new concept which will look good in the home.

Please contact me if you have any further queries  


Cathy Polomé

Email:[email protected] ( or [email protected])

082 412 1497

Fax 086 541 9359

Keywords: Easter Products


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