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By: Maison D'telecom  11-11-2011
Keywords: Grid Power, Alternative Power Systems, Vsat Technology


The VSAT Technology offered by Maison d'Telecom embraces the newest technologies and most advanced assembly techniques. This technology is the cornerstone of all our technologies. We can help our clients communicate almost anywhere in the world. This technology is especially suited to rural areas, harsh environments and previously underserved areas.

  1. Communication almost everywhere in the world
  2. Client can be online much quicker than with conventional cable technologies
  3. Dual transponders from 2 different earth stations ensures above 98% uptime
  4. Prepaid voice facilities also available
  5. Options available to suit clients needs
  6. KU and C Band capable
  7. Various antenna sizes available
  8. Operates from grid power or Alternative power systems
  9. Supports most communications protocols including Voice, fax, Video conferencing, Email, internet,
    telemetry etc.

Specifications for VSAT

  1. Versatile communications platform, can be adapted to operate virtually anywhere
  2. Stable communications platform, above 98% uptime
  3. Dual Transponders from 2 separate earth stations
  4. Operates from grid power or alternative energy sources
  5. Compact easy to install system
  6. Various antenna sizes to operate in almost all conditions
  7. Robust antennas also available for harsh environments
  8. Industrial temperature electronics available
  9. Remote 24/7 support
  10. Always-on antennas for moving vehicles, boats and unstable platforms available
  11. C and KU band support
  12. High bandwidth capable
  13. Supports all the communications equipment supplied by
  14. Robust casings available for harsh environments
  15. Portable systems available
  16. Very reliable in almost any weather conditions

Keywords: Alternative Power Systems, Grid Power, Vsat Technology